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republican fails. time to stop being republican’ts and start being republi-cans!

thanks obama, now we have gay atheist cats voting in the next elections. merry christmas trolls!!!

so, i think i figured out why everyone is fascinated with “furries” and furry fandom and fursonas etc…

who else is tired of people who protest things that just about everyone is against. HITLER WAS WRONG!!! oh okay thanks for letting us all know… i mean it’s not like most of the world banded together to defeat hitler but thanks for telling me that he was wrong.

when did this…
become hotter than this?


O’riley’s Daughter Fighter Plane’s name could be misinterpreted

motherhood fail, parenting fail. bad inspirational pictures… NAILED IT!

tactical gun fail

simple device that you make with household items to protect yourself from chemtrail poisoning.

What are they spraying? If you aren’t a sheeple and want to protect yourself from deadly chemtrails spray then you need this simple life hack to make sure that you’ll never have to worry about chemtrails again.

What Are They Spraying?!?!?!