3 Tips For Buying Weightlifting Knee Sleeves

Whether you are a regular weightlifter or a moody gym-goer, safety is always a major concern. A knee sleeve helps to protect your knees from injuries that might occur while working out. Choosing a perfect knee sleeve looks like an easy job, but it’s not. As you cannot compromise on your safety, you should only use high-quality knee sleeves. Here are our top three tips that can help you to buy sturdy weightlifting knee sleeves:

Don’t Buy Loose

In the case of weightlifting knee sleeves, you cannot prioritise comfort according to looseness. These are only supposed to be tight. This workout gear is designed to provide compression and support to your knees while you are exercising.  Only tight knee sleeves can provide you with the needed support. This is the reason why we said; you cannot focus on looseness while purchasing knee sleeves. Tight sleeves may feel you uncomfortable, but it’s important for your own safety. Although, your knee sleeves should not be that tight that it starts pinching your knees and cuts off the blood circulation. Buy the one that supports your exercise, not obstructs it. 


You cannot use your crossfit knee sleeves for long if you buy a low quantity one. It’s necessary to consider the quality of your sleeves. Many people think that cotton made slaves are perfect for them. But no, that is not true. In fact, cotton is the least preferred material for knees sleeves. Cotton is not strong enough to handle the pressure, and it also absorbs sweat faster than any other material. Yet, there are still many brands who sell cotton made crossfit knee sleeves with the tags of flexible, strong and long-lasting. But you should only prefer neoprene made powerlifting knee sleeves because this fabric is easy to clean and strong enough to handle the pressure exerted on your knees. 


Of course, how can we miss talking about the size? Knee sleeves are mostly available in five different sizes, i.e. XS, S, M, L and XL. You should first know about your size before buying powerlifting knee sleeves. Besides, while you are searching for your size, don’t forget to keep in mind the first tip. Don’t buy a loose! 

It’s easy to find out your size when you are buying offline. But when you are an online shopper, it can become an issue. Don’t worry; most websites attach a size chart with them. Shop according to it. 

Bonus tip: You should keep replacing your powerlifting knee sleeves after a while. Whenever you feel like you are losing weight and your sleeves are becoming loose, replace it immediately.

Final Words

These were the top three tips for buying perfect weightlifting knee sleeves. Note these points in your checklist so that you won’t forget to apply them while shopping. Was this blog helpful in your knee sleeves shopping? Tell us in the comment section below!

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