5 States That You Must Visit on Your India Tour

Must Visit on Your India Tour

India, the land of religious diversity, is home to some of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world. With over 29 states, each one of them offers a new experience. But which are the five must-see states?

This article will tell you all about the five most amazing Indian states and what they offer. You can also go through some thrillophilia Tripadvsior reviews to know more about the same.

The eastern part of India is a remote corner of India. Famed for its tea plantations and quaint mountain towns, it also provides the adventurous traveler with tribal villages that seem untouched by time.

The southern part of the country, on the other hand, is known for its beautiful gardens and scenic beauty. The northern region of India is known for its rich culture and traditions, while the western region is endowed with ancient historic monuments worth visiting.

Here are 5 states you must visit on your India tour.

1. Sikkim – a land of religious diversity and scenic beauty.

With a population of about 600,000, it is India’s smallest state. It covers an area of just over 7100 square kilometers-slightly larger than Delaware-and yet has played a strategic role on the regional and international stage for centuries.

Sikkim shares the distinction with Himachal Pradesh of being the only state in India where deities and goddesses are venerated even by Hindus. The Buddhists, Hindus and Bonpos have their own different variety of worship. The Sikkimese people are renowned for their hospitality and love for music and dance.

The spiritual landscape of Sikkim is splendid and provides rich opportunities for both the spiritual and material travelers. Bhutanese influence is evident in the various monasteries, and Nepalese influences can be seen in the handicrafts.

Sikkim is one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners, and a tourist spot that one should certainly not miss! You can read some positive thrillophilia reviews to learn more interesting facts about the state and plan an amazing trip.

2. Mizoram – a land of ethnic cultures and natural beauty.

Mizoram, also known as the land of peace, is one of the most unique Indian states. It is a land of ethnic diversity and natural beauty and the state is home to various ethnic minorities including Mishing, Chakma, Lusei, Kuki and Nagaland as well as a large number of Tangkhuls who live in the mountains.

The state is also culturally rich with a variety of ethnic festivals. Mizoram is a land where nature has been the main teacher and it has permitted the human race to develop in peace and harmony. It provides a unique experience and an unspoiled lifestyle to travelers.

3 . Arunachal Pradesh – a land of tribal culture and scenic beauty.

Arunachal Pradesh is located on the border of Tibet and Assam, giving it an abundance of high mountains and natural resources. Apart from its landscape, Arunachal Pradesh is also known for its tribes and culture.

Among the different tribes that exist in Arunachal Pradesh, one of the most well known is the Kaziranga National Park. This forest is home to various species of wildlife and frequented by tourists.

The state is also home to several tribes such as the Dukha, Lusei, Khamti and Tadakha, who are known to be very hospitable towards visitors from all over India and even foreigners in general.Some of the tribes you will find here are the Apatanis, Adis, Khamptis and Monpas. The state is also the home of the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Government in Exile and a trip to Tawang is not complete without visiting his monastery.

Arunachal Pradesh has a number of interesting tourist spots including the Bomdila ski resort, Tawang Monastery in West Kameng District, the Rupa falls in Ziro district and hot springs at Geyzing.culture which remain untouched by modernism and the outside world.

Buddhism is the most popular religion in the state next to Hinduism although there are various tribal religions present as well.

4. Goa – a state of tranquility, history and great beaches.

Goa is one of India’s most famous tourist destinations and has played a key role in the nation’s tourism industry. It is one of the party capitals of India hosting numerous festivals and parties throughout the year.

The most famous of which includes the Goa trance music festival in February and the sunburn festival in December, which is Asia’s biggest dance music festival. Apart from this, Goa also has a number of great beaches such as Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Vagator Beach and Calangute Beach. Goa’s Portuguese influence can still be seen today with its churches and forts all standing firm for more than 400 years.

The state is also rich in wildlife and nature. These parties include ‘Bicholim Festival’ in mid-January, ‘Pongal’ in mid-January and ‘Carnival’ on colourful Gayatri Jayanti on 14 February every year.

Every year, the state also hosts a cultural walk, and you can read some thrillophilia Facebook reviews to book affordable packages and learn more about it.

5. Kerala – a land of great religious diversity.

Kerala is the first state of India to be declared a tourist destination by the Ministry of Tourism. Thrissur town is considered as one of the shopping centers in India where you can find several shops and restaurants.

Jain caves in Thrissur are a major attraction in Kerala and the state is also popular for its ethnic and cultural diversity which includes the famed cuisine of coastal regions called ‘Malabar’, homespun handicrafts of Coorg and traditions of tribal people like the Tuluvas, Devangas, Kodavas and Vankanis.

The pristine beaches of Alleppey, Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam are worth visiting. People from all over India prefer to visit Thrissur region when they visit Kerala as it has a lot of places that attract tourists.

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