The Do Dham Yatra is two very proclaimed spots of India. This yatra is undertaken to visit to 2 of the most holy spots of India. This Yatra considered sacred among the Hindus and they take these places as abode of Gods. It is believed that this doing this yatra opens up the gates of heaven and provides salvation, it washes all the sins done by a person. They believe that this yatra has religious significance and it is said that people should undertake the journey once in their lifetime at least. Both of these places are in Uttarakhand which is also thought to be the land of the Gods or the Devbhoomi.


This the most well-known Temple situated in India. With a hazardous and thrilling route, this trek is the journey that examines your dedication. If you were doing the Chardham yatra, this would have been the third shrine of the circuit. According to the Hindu Legends the Pandavas came here to meditate after the war to atone their sins. This temple was originally built by Adi Shankaracharya during 8th century BC. This temple ages 1200 years. This temple worships Lord Shiva.


In this temple Lord Vishnu is worshipped. Vishnu once sat here to meditate, not knowing about the freezing cold here. Followed by this, he was saved by Goddess Lakshmi who stood beside him in the form of a Badri tree shielding his head. Lord Vishnu called this place the Badrika Ashram. This is fourth shrine of Chardham.

While visiting these temples provides you with a surreal experience, there are few nearby places too that you should not miss:

Surya Kund-

This a great location near the temple of Yamunotri. The surya devta who is the father of Yamuna is worshipped here and thus people offer their prayers to the Sun in here. The Kund actually is a thermal hot water spring with magical medicinal properties that treats skin diseases, joint pains etc.

Saptrishi Kund-

Located 10kms from the main Yamunotri Temple, this place is abundant in Brahama Kamal, the very unique Himalayan flower, a unique to the Himalayan region. This kund gets its name from the seven great sages in Hindu Mythology. The lake is in a very interior area of the mountains.

Divya Shilla-

This is a holy rock pillar close to the Surya Kund. A lot of people pay their respect here. As per the Hindu mythology this place is very significant.


This is a treasure tucked away from people, in the Himalayas. Situated at short walk of 25 minutes from the Gangotri, this place is surrounded by several high mountain peak with few of them being snow-covered.

Jalmanga Shivling-

Going by the legend, this place is reputed for being the spot where Lord Shiva locked the river Ganga in his hair masses.

Gangotri national park-

It is almost the highest wildlife sanctuary of India. It is located in the Uttarkashi region of Uttarakhand. It houses a wide range of alpine and coniferous vegetation including some more varieties of fauna and flora. You must visit the Gurmukh glaciers here, this is the origin of the river Ganga.

Chorabari Tal-

It is also called the Gandhi Sarovar, this is because the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi followed by his death were scattered in this lake. This place is very close to Kedarnath only at a distance of 4 kms. The lake has clear glass-like water. To visit this place, you need to go on a short trek that takes you through beautiful forests and green grassy lands.

Vasuki Tal:

This is a lake situated at a high altitude of 4328 meters, and is near to Kedarnath. If you love adventure this place is meant for you. It is named after the Vasuki nag as the shape of this lake resembles a snake coil. You will also get to see breathtaking views of the Chaukhamba top when you reach this place.

Bheem Pul-

Built across the Saraswati river and located in the village of Mana, the bridge derives its name from one of the five Pandavas. Bheem was believed to have made this bridge for Draupadi, his wife. This is one of the less-visited places in the near the yatra that you must visit if you want to go offbeat.

Vasudhara Falls-

Make a visit to this place to experience the real spirituality of Badrinatrh temple. These falls at a height of 400 feet. You can also trek till this place between May and November.

Now, embark on this beautiful and devotional journey that you will treasure forever.



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