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Spiti valley tour

Now call a “ Cold Desert ” got by the eponymous swash. It’s a high- altitude area and the mountains indeed block the thunderstorm shadows. So, it’s a “ rain shadow zone ” where water is always an issue and the land isn’t veritably rich. ultramodern interventions have slightly bettered the prospects but it still remains substantially barren and people cultivate a many effects during the brief summer season while the downtime is harsh as everything gets buried under snow. This post is designed to give every practical information you’ll need to pack through the Spiti Valley on your own, without going through any marketable package. 


 This colonizer account from 1851 more or less describes everything about the region, 


 aqueducts from mountain feeding their kools in some seasons when a great cornucopia of snow has fallen upon the range of mountains incontinently above the position ground, civilization is tried, but it’s veritably uncertain, and in taking profit from the country, it can not be reckoned as productive soil. ” 


It’s cold and barren and this is what gives us the unique geographies. It wasn’t fluently accessible until lately and proper roads have come up only in recent decades. So, this tourism smash then’s enough new. nonetheless, people are known for hospitality and currently utmost of families depend on tourism. 


 As you can see from the chart over, it’s squeezed by the high mountains of Kinnaur, Tibet, Ladakh, and Lahaul from all sides. Then, do note two effects 


 Still, Lahaul is a fully different region centered around Keylong city located to the west of Spiti. They may look conterminous but these are similar delicate terrains that you wo n’t indeed get a direct machine from Kaza to Keylong. The trace to Ladakh goes through Lahaul. 

 still, I’ve a different post for that, If you want to explore Lahaul region. 

 also, you pass through Kinnaur DIstrict to reach Spiti from the Shimla side, which is also a major magnet in itself.

 still, I’ve a separate post for that too, If you want further details into Kinnaur. 


 Spiti Main 3 

 Usual Spiti Travel Routes 

 Starting from Shimla, the primary trip route in Spiti is the following 

 Everything additional not mentioned over is located hard, to be reached with short diversions from the trace. 

 How to Reach Spiti? 

 During the sightseer season in the summers, callers typically do a indirect trip, , the Manali route gets closed due to snowfall in the high passes. One can still visit through the other route but it gets really delicate during the layoffs and only hardened comers adventure into Spiti between December and March. 


 By Air 

 The nearest major field is Shimla and Bhuntar( Kullu- Malani), depending on which route you take. From there, you’ll have to get a machine or hire a auto. 


 By Train 

 The nearest major rail station is Kalka in the plains but you can also take the mountain road( toy train) to Shimla and also again look for machine/cab.However, the nearest Major station would be Chandigarh, If you’re going via Manali. 


 By Road 

 You get motorcars from Manali as well as Shimla to Kaza. still, Shimla to Kaza is a veritably long way and it’s better to halt nearly in Kinnaur en route. 


 Spiti on HRTC motorcars 

 So, the most affordable way to explore Spiti is with HRTC motorcars. motorcars are limited but they typically follow a dependable routine. You’ll also find original motorcars to numerous lower townlets from Kaza. I’ve made a separate post on machine timings as there are a lot of details. 




 Spiti Road Conditions 

 When I first took the Hindustan Tibet Road back in 2014, the roads were horrible as a lot of construction was going on. still, effects have bettered of late as the work has been completed. Due to the sheer nature of the road, you’ll still have some heart- stopping moments, especially if this is your first time. The inner roads connecting Kaza to other townlets are also enough smooth. Still, I do n’t suppose it’s no longer as dangerous as it used to be. The only authentically delicate portion is the one between Kunzum La and Rohtang La, where the road may vanish and you may find yourself driving through aqueducts. 



 Where to Stay in Spiti? 

 Spiti has excellent stay options for trippers

 and the good news is that they’re enough affordable and there are some intriguing options to choose from. 


 hospices & Resorts 

 More precious mainstream hospices are substantially centered in and around Kaza, which is the headquarter of Spiti. tête-à-tête, that isn’t my style and I noway go for them. 


 Snow Leopards in Spiti 

 Yes, snow leopard sighting has come a major magnet in Spiti but generally, you need to go in downtime for the same as they come down to the townlets in hunt of food during the harsh downtime. Some agencies have special snow leopard tenures but they tend to be precious.


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