Amazing Benefits of Wool Fabric for Jackets

Wool, one of the oldest fabrics, is often looked down upon while choosing jackets. Most shoppers tend to opt for synthetic fibres without realising the variety of advantages that wool has to offer. Read on to find out the amazing benefits of wool fabric for jackets that you’d be surprised to know.

Excellent Insulator

Wool traps air between its fibres, thus keeping you warm and cosy. It also facilitates wicking and fast evaporation of moisture from the body, leaving the skin dry. In contrast, synthetic material may leave your sweat to stick to your skin and cause you to be uncomfortable. Therefore, it can be worn both in winters and summers as its insulating and wicking properties offer a steady body temperature. This makes wool an excellent fabric for jackets. You can find a variety of woollen jackets, both offline and online. Find out more varieties of woollen jackets at

Smooth Fibres with Natural Stretch

Wool is made up of smooth fibres and a natural stretch, which means unlike other fibres, you won’t find it stuffy after a long day at work. What is even better is that after continuous cleaning and wearing, it snaps back into its original size. Wool is both odour-resistant and stain-resistant as well, making it perfect for making jackets.

Flame-Retardant and High Ignition Threshold

Wool is also highly flame retardant and has a higher ignition threshold than several other fibres. This means that in situations where a fire is involved, it will not melt and stick to your skin causing burns. It produces fewer noxious fumes that may cause fire mishaps. So, you can wear woollen jackets safely.

Protection from UV Rays

Wool naturally protects you from UV rays to a large extent, which can be a massive plus for those of you who are outdoors most of the time. Woollen jackets, which are usually full-handed, can protect you from the harmful rays.

Easy Maintenance

Most of the time, you may want to go for jackets that require easier maintenance and wool is definitely on the list. You don’t have to bother washing it separately as it can be put into any washing machine and even tumble-dried.

Environmental Benefits

There are several environmental advantages to using wool. It is a natural and a renewable product as sheep regrow their coat every year. It is also natural, sustainable and regarded as an eco-textile. Even if your woollen jacket is worn out and you’ve decided to throw it away, it can be recycled. Sometimes, it is also added as compost as it is biodegradable. So essentially, there is no wastage of material while using wool or the need for it to be unnecessarily dumped into landfills.

Different Properties and Uses

The wool obtained from different animals have different properties and uses. Cashmere goats are known to produce an incredible silky yarn that is regarded to be thrice warmer than sheep. Mohair is the term given to the wool obtained from Angora goats, which is soft and fine. Angora rabbits also produce warm and fluffy wool known as angora. Each one of these differs in durability, softness and washing characteristics. Woollen jackets are made using durable and good quality wool.

Lastly, there is no doubt that wool is exceptionally sleek and no designer would deny it. It’s flexible to your choices and offers several textures, weights and weaves, allowing it to be worn in any season.

Never look down upon the humble woollen jacket in your wardrobe as it serves good to the environment, your body and ups your fashion game to the next level.

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