6 Key Benefits of Utilizing Firebase for Android App Development

Android App development

The Android app development process is quite exhausted and time-consuming, but now there are several services introduced that ease the hectic process. Such android app services are capable to assist the development work in multiple ways engaging users with your android app and yielding long-term results. One of the best services offered for the android app development platform is Firebase that takes creativity to the next level and takes the burden off from the developer’s shoulders.

This framework was launched in April 2012 providing you real-time databases with APIs that store and syncs user’s information in a smarter and more secure way. If you aren’t aware of the Firebase services and want to get into the latest android services, this article will tell you the top 6 benefits of Firebase for android app development


  1. Unlimited Google Analytics 

Firebase offers a smart Google Analytics feature providing unlimited and free of cost reporting for 500 different events. You can use this feature for user properties or several events along with the option to create your own custom business events. Besides Android, Firebase supports several other different platforms such as IOS, Unity, and C++. Keeping the track of your business products was previously considered to be difficult, but with the launch of this latest technology, you can give tough competition in the android app market making it highly optimized. It provides functionalities of real-time analysis, deep-link performance, notification effectiveness, crash data, Google Adwords and other amazing services.


  1. Real-Time Databases

Firebase provides Real-Time Database allowing you to store and synchronize data using the NoSQL cloud database. This feature in the Firebase allows the app data to be displayed in real-time, which means if your android app user goes offline, data will remain available. Integrating Firebase in the Android app lets you use this high-end functionality of real-time database SDKs through which collaborative, rich and secured data is created for the users. Real-Time databases are preferred by most of the android app developers as it removes the need for complex backend services support. This Cloud-hosted database will provide your users with new updates with the latest data enabling continuous data synchronization.


  1. Cloud Firestore NoSQL

Cloud Firestore in the Firebase is a NoSQL document that offers you a database with quick storage, security, and query of data for your Android app. This firebase feature allows you to modify the data of your app using its documents and collections options. With Firestore, you can build unique hierarchies and later retrieve them easily from the NoSQL document database with the help of queries. A new concept of server-less android apps has been introduced by Cloud Firestore so that a document without carrying your server data can be shipped with mobile SDKs. It provides user-based security that allows authentications restricting data access based on user identity.

  1. Advanced Cloud Messaging

Firebase has allowed businesses to send messages and notifications to their targeted audience in a smarter way. It introduced Cloud Messaging Service through which you can send a message to any device having a link or connection between your server and devices. This advanced messaging functionality to use predefined segments or create a new one that can target the message of a specific topic subscription. Firebase also has the ability to send custom notifications such as custom data, sounds and even the expiration date based on the scheduled time or according to your user’s time zone. Sending notifications requires no coding and is completely integrated with Firebase Analytics.


  1. Machine Learning Apps

In the present time, there is an increased demand for android apps development with machine learning technology. This technology integrates features like face detection, recognizing text, barcode scanning, landmarks detection, and image labeling. Considering the need for machine learning in android apps, Firebase came up with ML-Kit providing on-device and Cloud APIs that even work without any network connection. You can select between both options according to your android app development needs and the fabulous ML features you will like to integrate into the app. You can even present your idea related to machine learning-based models, Firebase will then take care of the hosting and service of your android app development.


  1. App Indexing

App indexing functionality offered by Firebase allows your android app to easily appear on the Google search. It helps your app to be displayed directly when a user searches for related content. If your app is already downloaded in its phone, it will live your android app development directly from the Google search page. In case the user doesn’t have your app installed, a popup with the download option will appear on the search result page. App indexing re-engages the custom software development company users with Google search by surfacing your android app’s link. It improves your app ranking on search engines and gets betters as the new user discovers and installs your app.

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