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AZ Screen Recorder

This is a response to readers’ many requests to show them how to record your Android screen. Although the functionality is available for some time, it can sometimes take some adjustments to achieve. Android Lollipop has a screen recording feature built into the OS. This is how most people do it nowadays. Let’s look at some Android apps as well as other ways to record your screen on laptops for dolphin emulator. Android Pie has made it impossible for apps to record internal sound on emulators, so you won’t hear the sounds of any other app in your videos. It is unfortunate, but Google is responsible.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder has been voted the best screen recorder app. It is lightweight, easy to use, affordable, and accessible. The overlay button doesn’t affect the recorded content. You can also add the front camera to your device for commentaries or game streams. You can even use the built-in small video editor. This allows you to remove the irrelevant parts. It doesn’t need root, does not have watermarks, time limits and so on. Pro version costs $2.99. This is the most widely used screen recorder.

Google Play Games

Google Play Games is more than a mobile gaming hub. It also offers screen recording capabilities. It works well. It is mainly for gamers. You can launch the game directly from the app by using the screen recorder. It records what you do and then stops. By exiting the game during recording, you can bypass the games-only restriction and go to any app that interests you. We recommend AZ at this point. This is a better choice for gamers than the usual stuff.

Kimcy929 Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder by Kimcy929 also works well as a simple screen recorder. It can do the basics well and supports several languages. You can record the screen and take screenshots. There is also support for the phones cameras. And you can do some basic editing at the end. This is great for showing off your phone or similar. While we still recommend AZ Screen Recorder as the first option, this is a good (and easier) alternative. It worked well, too.

Twitch, YouTube Gaming and other screen recording apps

Many streaming services offer mobile support. Two of the most popular streaming services are Twitch Gaming and YouTube Gaming. You stream your gameplay as normal. Both services let you download your footage when you’re done. This is a great solution especially for gamers. It’s certainly better than Google Play Games, but it can do this type of thing. It’s not as easy to use this one for other purposes than gaming, unlike Google Play Games. These services are at least free.

Vysor, and similar apps

Vysor, a fun little application that lets you cast your phone to your computer’s screen via USB, is very useful. You can then use the app on your computer, or you can record it on your PC. Although it works well, you’ll need to spend a bit more to get HD quality. The app does not record any content so do not expect it to. It will require you to take the recording on your laptops. Team Viewer, a similar app, is also available. To capture footage, however, you will need to have a screen recording application on your computer.


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