Can you make cotton candy without a cotton candy maker?

Cotton candy making requires four main steps to complete. First, you’ll need to prepare the cotton candy. Once that is done, you can begin heating the sugar in a pot. You’ll then need to add enough water to melt the sugar and make it easy to spin.

When you have the sugar melted, take it off the heat. You’ll need to let the sugar cool until it is liquid. Then, slowly mix it with the corn syrup. Now, when you have both the sugar and corn syrup liquid, take the container out of the fridge. You’ll also need a stand mixer for this step.

It is very important to use a stand mixer here, diy cotton candy in a blender or else the cotton candy won’t be light and fluffy. When the corn syrup and sugar are fully mixed together, you’ll need to pour it onto the counter. From here, you’ll need to start spinning the sugar with your hand mixer.

Make sure you have a stand mixer, an old pair of gloves, and a plastic spatula ready to use at this stage. Your gloves should be thick enough to handle the hot sugar easily.

When the sugar is spinning around in a circle, you’re ready to move on to the next step. Once the sugar has spun into threads of cotton candy, you can transfer the mixture to the freezer.

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