CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Commerce Syllabus (Term 1 and 2) 2021-22

cbse class 11 commerce syllabus

The 11th standard is going on in all the schools. If any student is interested in knowing about CBSE class 11 commerce syllabus, he or she can keep reading to find out more about it. The syllabus is designed keeping in mind the guidelines issued by the board of education. It will be the best for you, if you join CBSE class 11 online classes at the right time. It will be beneficial for you so that you can complete the course well in time.

In this article you will get to know about the class 11 commerce syllabus of term-1 and term-2 exams 2021-2022. Also we explained that how joining vidya setu can be beneficial for you and how it helps you to score good or highest marks in exams.

CBSE Class 11 Commerce curriculum

Here, we have provided you with the complete curriculum of commerce for 11 standards. The CBSE class 11 commerce syllabus is given below for the subject of business studies. This is given in order to help students during their admissions and examination times. The distribution of marks are done in this way –

  1. Evolution and fundamentals of business
  2. Forms of business organisations

These two units make up 16 marks.

  1. Public, private and global enterprises
  2. Business services

These two units make up 14 marks.

  1. Emerging modes of business
  2. Social responsibility of business and business ethics

This unit takes up 10 marks.

Apart from this, there is a project work of 10 marks. This will add up to 50 marks of term 1.

The course of term 2 according to the CBSE class 11 commerce syllabus 2021-22 is given below. In this term also, there is a project which contributes 10 marks to the results. The contents of term 2 are as follows

  1. Sources of finance
  2. Small business and entrepreneurship development

These two units make up 20 marks.

  1. Internal trade
  2. International business

These two units make up 20 marks.

The theory section of both the terms adds upto 80 marks. The project work is of 10 marks in both the semesters making it a total of 20 marks.

Such is the distribution of 100 marks in the business studies CBSE class 11 commerce syllabus. 

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Syllabus

The commerce stream of class 11th is divided into 3 main subjects. These subjects are accountancy, business studies and economics. Just like business studies, the other two subjects of accountancy and economics also hold 80 marks of theory. In addition to that, each subject holds a project for 20 marks in both the terms.

The students pursuing commerce have a lot of scope and diversity in professions to choose from. It is one such field where you can definitely have a secure future. It is the most chosen field by students these days.

Accountancy is a totally new subject for students when they enter class 11. The syllabus of accountancy includes basics of book keeping and accounting theories. It also teaches the general practical knowledge and skills of accounting to the students.

The CBSE class 11 commerce syllabus for accountancy is  divided into two terms having a theoretical portion of 40 marks each. Both the terms require you to submit a project work of 10 marks each. This sums up to 100 marks.

The CBSE class 11 commerce syllabus for economics comprises introductory statistics and microeconomics. The division of marks is same as the other two subjects. Both the terms include 10 marks each for project work.


Complete Class 11 Commerce Syllabus With Online Classes With Vidya Setu

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This option will also protect you from the severe consequences of the pandemic. All the schools will soon provide online classes keeping in mind the increasing number of cases. The syllabus is fun to learn and not too complicated so that the students can grasp it easily.

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Vidya setu provides a comfortable environment of studies where any student can fit easily. Join vidya setu classes today. With these classes you will be able to cover the whole CBSE class 11 commerce syllabus properly.



After reading this article, we are sure you know enough about the CBSE class 11 commerce syllabus. If you are interested in joining the online classes, do it well in time so that you are able to cover up the whole course without any problems. The course is designed in a way that is helpful for children to understand things effectively.

It teaches students to imply things in real life so that the student understands things. Our advice to all, students would be, get your books and study material ready and start studying as soon as possible. We wish you best of luck for your exams! Also why joining vidya setu is the became the best decision of your life and how vidya setu helps you to cover your whole syllabus without paying a single rupee.

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