12 Cheapest European Countries to visit under $100/day

Cheapest European Countries

12 Cheapest European Countries to visit under $100/day

Cheapest European Countries

There are a lot of cheap places to visit in European countries, as long as you know where to go.

Here is a list of 12 cheapest European countries to visit

1. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is rightfully at the top of the list because you can find good deals on accommodations, food, and entertainment anywhere in the country.

Sofia (capital) is the best place to relax. If you’re looking to soak in the sun the coastal towns Sunny Beach is the right place to go. This resort has been named the cheapest in four years back to back.

Accommodation will cost you around $20 a day. Food in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you $4. There a ton of free activities like hiking, relaxing on the beach, museums and a lot more

2. Hungary

Many travelers visit Budapest, Hungary for the thermal baths and cathedrals. That’s why they miss out on the other good towns and villages. Pécs, Miskolc, and Eger are some of them

Food is where Hungary shines as you can get plenty of food for a few dollars.

3. Romania

Home to historic sites, delicious food, friendly people and beautiful nature Romania is a European country that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Explore Bucharest, Brasov, Danube River, or go for a hike in Fagaras mountains. Romania is among the cheapest European countries.

$40 a day can get you by pretty well. You can go for specified camping sites to stay in dorm rooms of a hostel. You can also explore the country by taking part in free walking tours. You can hire a bicycle for $3 a day to get by. Soups and stews include a free side of bread. Going in the hills for hiking is also free.

4. Czech Republic

Famous for its cathedrals and medieval castles, Prague is still one of the top destinations for travelers. The capital can get expensive than most other cities in the country.

ČeskýKrumlov, Karlovy Vary, and Brno are beautiful and affordable alternatives

Cheap food and drinks is something you can rely on no matter where ever you are in the country

5. Poland

A more affordable option to get by in Poland is the trains (not as good as trains in other European countries).purchasing the weekend ticket gives you unlimited access to travel in many of the trains.

Poland offers monuments and buildings that require no fee to visit. Museums run by the government offers free entry once a week. You can save money and explore Poland too.

6. Slovakia

If you’re looking for more budget-oriented travel then Slovakia’s capital is the right place for you. The lack of tourists in no way means this place isn’t worth checking out. The city has a certain charm to it.

Hotels are pretty cheap compared to the other European countries and, the foods and drinks cost no more than $5 consisting of a three-course meal.

7. Italy

Italy is considered to be one of the top destinations for tourists. Hills of Tuscany and ancient monuments of Rome make this place a must-see place. Due to its popularity, Italy can be expensive during high season

A much cheaper alternative is flying to Milan. it has 3 international airports and it’s easy to book a low-cost flight. Getting around in Italy is cheap too because of the rail system connecting many of the cities provided you can find a good deal on domestic train tickets.

8. Portugal

Amazing beaches and delicious street food is your thing, Portugal is a must-visit for you. As shocking as it sounds it is indeed among the cheapest European countries.

Portugal’s national airlines offer affordable airfares, their prices being lower than other European budget airlines.

Even the largest cities of Portugal (Lisbon and Porto)are inexpensive. The hotels and dorm rooms are cheap even during the busy summer months Hotels.

9. Albania

Often overshadowed by Greece and Croatia, Albania has the most amazing coastline in entire Europe meaning you can enjoy a relaxing vacation on the beach at a low price.

you can stay in a hotel or a hostel (which has a reputation of being clean) for around $15, while an apartment can cost you around $10.food at a low budget restaurant, will set you back around $4 .array of free activities include a hike to viewpoints or the Theth to Valbona trail, dodge goats finding old war bunkers and many more.

10. Ukraine

Ukraine has seen quite an impressive development in tourism in recent years. This coupled with the fact that it is largely unexplored hence has a much to offer.

Lviv, houses unique Polish, Austrian and Hungarian roots, with styles from Germany and Italy perfectly blending eastern European culture styles. A definite place to visit.

A hostel room will cost you $8. A three budget meal will set you back $17. Public transport rides cost no more than $0.60 (two)

11. Latvia

Latvia is a place for those that love to reminisce the past offering old towns, art nouveau architecture, amazing beaches, castles and lushes forests.

It is much cheaper than its neighboring countries. Riga Latvia’s capital offers hostels for no more than $15. A three budget meal will cost you $23.50. A public transport ride costs $5. A paid attraction can cost up to $3.50.

12. Croatia

Croatia has some remarkable places to offer. City of split rich in history, with quiet and peaceful islands of Hvar and Korcula and let’s not forget the village of Dubrovnik, where the game of thrones movie set is. Croatia offers ancient cities that have been restored, beaches and just raw beautiful nature.

Hotels will cost you around $40 a night while cheap apartment rents for $25+ a meal will set you back around $8. Lounging on the beach walk around Dubrovnik, and hike hills providing a view of the castles are all but free attractions.

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