Comindware Project Brings a Unified Solution for Simple Project Management

Are you fed up with those conventional ways of project management? Are you looking for a solution that will let you manage variety of your projects with a few clicks using your PC screen, Tablet PC or Smartphone? Do you want that service to be available from different parts of globe?

If you have affirmative answers for these questions, you do not have to find another reason to go for Comindware Project, especially if you want a solution that’s productive enough to save a lot of your time through the virtual and visual way of representing information.

Comindware Project, one of the most trusted solutions for glitch-free project management, offers a number of features that are powerful to attract almost every professional to Comindware Project management solution. As the first part of the review, we’ll have an introduction to Comindware Project, exploring basics you should be aware about.

Comindware Project :

Recalling what has been said earlier, Comindware Project is just superb if you want a solution to keep track of every project and task that has been assigned to different individuals in your firm. Using the top-notch UI of the solution, you will be able to keep an eye on what is happening in your firm, especially while taking additional features of the tool, such as Gantt charts and WBS, into account.

Overall, being a cloud based project management software that is available through web and Smartphone applications, Comindware Project is a never-miss deal, indeed. To allow you understand this in a better way, we will go to various aspects of Comindware Project now.

Different Ways to Set Up :

Expecting users with different levels of requirements and standards of convenience, Comindware Project offers two methods to set up Comindware Project in your company. For instance, on the one hand, you can go for the in-cloud version of Comindware Project, in which all your information is stored in servers of Comindware and the team that is behind Comindware will take care of security part of the information. So, depending upon your requirement and desire to features, choice can be wholly yours.

The Sense-Making User Interface :

Talking about User Interface, Comindware Project has done really well as far as a user is concerned. For instance, it’s possible to find some striking features such as WBS names. WBS means the Work Breakdown Structure, in which different parts of a project and its sub-parts are classified in such a way that you have no issues in understanding what is going on in your firm at a point of time.

Also, Comindware Project includes other features such as an awesome level of scalability, as you can add as many users as you want inside the Project Management solution. Altogether, we give ten out of ten for the User Interface of Comindware Project and its associated services such as Comindware Team Network.

Comindware Team Network :

When it comes to Comindware Project, Comindware Team Network literally means internal communication that takes place inside your firm. Using this section that has been dedicated for the communication between different individuals and sections inside your company, you will be able to indulge in a lot of interactive things such as custom discussion rooms, where you can bring a lot of other employees to make an event successful.

In addition, Comindware Team Network has a deeper integration with contact details of employees. In that way, you can get the details whenever you want.

Our Verdict :

While considering all these features, particularly its Gantt charts, WBS, Comindware Team Network and availability of different set-up methods, Comindware Project is indeed a sense-making tool!rnet privacy needs

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