7 Preparation Tips for a Long coach Ride with Elderly Passengers

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Family in the Bus: 7 Preparation Tips for a Long dartmouth Coach Ride with Elderly Passengers



Going on a trip with the whole family is indeed one of the most beautiful ways to spend time together, especially when everybody is usually busy with work, school and other responsibilities. When you travel with them, it’s definitely a time to treasure and enjoy!

Making sure that everything is well set before you go on a local trip or a trip around a foreign country is highly important! A very much recommended tip for a huge family trip’s convenience is going for coach hires! Find a company that offers coach hires, and get the best one for your needs! 

Much as excellent-quality coach companies care about their clients’ satisfaction and ease for traveling by land, many things must be paid more attention to by passengers when you will be traveling with elderly family members. While everyone else can manage himself/herself, the elderly members of your family need more assistance. 

Be wise to know how to make their and your long coach ride handy and happy. Here are 7 preparation tips for your coach trips with elderly passengers!


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There are elderly members of the family who are not that strong and active anymore to go out and join family gatherings. Some are no longer comfortable being surrounded with too many people, even if they are relatives. Some have health conditions which might be hampering them from bonding with their families.

These situations and more are not unusual in families with grandparents and other elderly members. If you really want as much as they also want to join your family trips with long-distance travels, you first need to consult their doctor. That is for you to know whether or not they are allowed and recommended to go on trips. 

You need to have their health checked initially to know if they will still be fine with coach rides to and from far destinations. At the same time, you will be informed of the things you must know for their health conditions not to get triggered or negatively affected while on your trip. 

As long as their physicians tell you that there is nothing to worry about and that your elders just need to be supervised and assisted all the time, then you can take them on your trip. Do not be hard-headed when the doctors tell you what to do and when they do not allow your elderly family members to come. 




During your discussions with the coach hire company, let them know that you will be traveling with elderly passengers. If they will not tell you, then ask them discounts you are entitled to as you will be traveling with them. You can set aside more budget for other things in your trip because of that. Moreover, there might be perks, giving advantage to your elders such as free meals. Take note of those too. 

You must be aware of the grants given by the coach hire company to elderly passengers. They might be able to help you assist them. Coach hire companies always look after their clients, most especially those with special needs. 


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You elderly family members might be sensitive and picky about their food, so to avoid any misunderstanding, especially with elders who get irritable, get the food they want ready before your trip. 

On the other hand, for elders who are allowed to consume only the food and drink they are prescribed with, then properly and completely get those ready. The long dartmouth coach ride will most likely make acquiring food and drink outside difficult, especially if the route is quite far from the city, vehicle terminals, your hotel accommodation destination or any public locations.




Be certain that you will not forget medicines they need to take at specific times of the day. Most of the time, those medicines cannot be bought over the counter, so you will not be able to purchase them just anytime and anywhere. To avoid stress for yourself and unwell feeling for your elderly family members, just see to it that you will not leave the house without their necessary medical needs.

Even vitamins and multivitamins should be brought for them to be shielded from sickness-causing bacteria, situations and other external factors. Being aged, their immune system is not anymore as strong as the younger ones, so keep them protected!




Coach buses have special seats for elderly passengers. Let the dartmouth coach company know that you need those for your elders, so they can have them totally prepared and set for use (since they might not when there’s no elderly passenger on their list). 

At the same time, they can provide wheelchairs, special seatbelts and seating facilities for them as necessary.




Pick a coach that has comfort rooms, vital for long road trips! Routes can be away from the city and from houses where you may ask to use restrooms, so it is crucial for you to have your dartmouth coach bus as comfortable and complete according to your needs as possible!

Comfort rooms are among the most needed facilities in a dartmouth coach bus because it’s hard and unhealthy to hold and endure your pee, and it’s going to be a huge problem when your tummy circulates badly. 

Make sure that your elders can access the comfort rooms well. If they need assistance, bring them there, and as much as possible, ensure that their seats are not too far. Some elders are no longer capable of holding in their pee for a long time, so you better be quick and alert. 


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A good and responsible driver is the top priority for any travel. Never put this consideration at the end of the list because this is where your family’s safety and convenience will be mainly based on. 

Fast and rough driving might lead to irritation, discomfort and sickness to the passengers, especially to elders. Request for the best dartmouth coach driver in the company to take you to and from your destination. It is alright to demand that because it’s for everybody’s good. It would be helpful to talk with the driver as well so you can more clearly convey your elderly family members’ conditions which require a moderate and smooth driving. 

Well, even if there’s no elderly passenger, drivers must be carefully driving all the time. It does not matter if you arrive a bit late to your destination or go home a bit late too, as long as you do safely and without harm.


Filled with glee and bonding, your family travel will surely be unforgettable, you’d always want to look back and go back! For your trip to go well as planned or better than what you prepared, you must be mindful of not just everything but also everyone included in your trip, especially elders who need the most help from the younger ones. 

Their convenience and comfort are yours as well, so do not hesitate to arrange things for them when they cannot. It’s always a nice and lovely family travel when everybody is having a wonderful time without any discomfort and problem. And in a dartmouth coach bus where many things could happen, it’s always best to be prepared.


 Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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