Design Award-worthy Mobile Applications With 6 Simple Tips!

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Do you know what the secret is to develop a worthy attention Mobile application? Well, if you are not sure, We’ll help you sail through. By the end of this article, you can happily claim that you have a steady mobile app development kit in hand. 

Your application’s likability will depend on how it performs, what strategy you have implemented, and how well you can integrate your design elements. Apart from this developing the front-end and back-end entirely is also essential while delivering a good user experience. All these factors collectively make or break an application’s backbone. 

However, one of the essential factors apart from UX is UI. How your application looks- whether or not it’s aesthetically pleasing and neat will make users choose or lose your application. Therefore, designing is a necessary aspect of developing a great application. 

As a mobile apps development company, we have worked in the field for quite a long time now; therefore, based on our experience, we have come up with six design tips that will definitely work for your application. 

This write-up can also serve as a reference for designers working on numerous applications and need different design elements for other clients. 

So dive-in and let the learning begin!

  • Stick to what works:

Let’s be honest; spinning the creative wheel from time to time makes sense to bring out your creative side. However, it would be best if you did not keep on changing strategies in different projects. 

Of course, you should be creative, but while maintaining the balance. It is only smart to use the strategy that has worked in the past as well. This will provide you a safer development environment, and nothing will come as a shock to your users.

If you analyze all the successful applications, you’ll notice that the designs don’t differ drastically; they are somewhat similar. And why is that? Because companies don’t prefer putting their money on apps that are tougher for users to understand and adapt. 

  • Pay attention to the color scheme:

Every design element of your application must have a clear purpose, including the color choices you implement in your mobile app development project.

Remember, the colors shouldn’t be too bright, or too light, or contrasting as it will reduce the readability of your application. If you choose a really bright color scheme, the user will not be comfortable reading from your app. 

Go for what is mentioned in point number one; stick to what works for you. Make use of the standard colors universally associated with buttons. 

Like green is used for “moving ahead” and red is used for “stop.” This way, the user will perceive your application better. 

  • “Simple” is the new rich:

Any mobile application development agency would agree when I say that you must not go over the top with too many features and design elements in your application; it will increase its complexity. 

This also does not mean you have to develop a super basic mobile application. 

Integration of elements must be in a perfect balance- not too much, not too less. You are not aware of the user’s screen size; therefore, develop a mobile application that works well in all screen sizes. 

Ensure that the display is not too cluttered up if the user accesses your application with a smaller screen. Also, if you may know, your application’s loading time will increase if you keep your design too complicated or integrate too many elements. 

Thus, decreasing the overall user experience and also the user interface. 

  • Consider the loading speed:

As stated in the point above, integrating too many elements into your mobile application can significantly affect your app’s loading speed.

The bounce rate will increase if the loading time increases. In this time of 5G internet, no user will wait for your application to load. 

It should be a matter of some seconds. If you fail to decrease your page loading time, your users will give no second thought before abandoning your application. 

Therefore, you must keep the loading speed in check while implementing your ideas and designs into your mobile application. 

Simplification of the design elements will surely help you come out of this abandonment situation. 

However, on the other hand, a page that develops quickly will increase user engagement on your mobile application. 

  • Don’t choose a fancy font:

Focus on the readability of your mobile application’s font. 

Fancy is fun, of course, but what is fancy for you can be bothersome for your users.

Therefore, maintain proper consistency while choosing a font. Your application’s font must be the same from top to bottom. 

You can still change the font for heading and content, but the transition should not be too drastic. Implementation of multiple fonts will only confuse the users and make your application tacky and uninteresting. 

Therefore, focus on readability and choose a font that increases the app retention time of users. 

  • Test it out:

Every mobile apps development company works on one motto- “test till it’s best.”

Ensuring the design in your mobile application is running smoothly with every other element is super important. And to make that happen, you must test your app until each bug is found and fixed. 

Your application will obviously look the best to you. I mean, why would we doubt our capabilities? But working with this bias will take you nowhere. 

You need to get feedback from friends or users via prototyping, consider their criticism and suggestions, and make changes. 

Try to obtain feedback from someone who has worked or is working in design, development, or branding for better and professional input. 

Fix the bugs and glitches in the initial stage of designing only to avoid future deviations. 


App designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Careful planning, thoughts, consideration, market research, color scheme, and whatnot must be considered before launching the application out in the world. 

Most entrepreneurs prefer hiring a mobile apps development agency to execute what they have planned for their application. Ideation is just the stepping stone; execution is all that it takes to determine the app’s future. 

Don’t deviate from the basics; stick to what you have learned, and developing an application that is worthy of the user’s love is not a difficult job. 

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