Gardening is not just a hobby


Gardening is not just a hobby it is a creed in itself. It gives energy to the bodies and minds of plant lovers. Sowing a seed and then seeing it grow into a sturdy plant or tree gives a pleasure that is only known to those who love gardening. Besides that gardening has many health benefits for kids as well as adults. Being a physical activity, gardening helps us burn calories.

Exposure to sunlight gives us sufficient amount of vitamin D which is good for our bones. Even doctors admit that growing plants and working in garden can help us in attaining good physical health as well as it reduces stress and depression. Additionally, the importance of growing our own vegetables and fruits has increased so much that many of us have started to grow plants in our lawns, gardens and even on rooftops. Eating organic, fresh and clean food is becoming a new and healthy trend.

Though, gardening isn’t just limited to growing kitchen gardens.  Flowering plants are also significant. Colorful flowers and green leaves make our planet beautiful. They also provide oxygen. Oxygen produced by the trees isn’t only for humans but is essentially important for other living things too.

These plants are also important for our climate. Plants reduce pollutants in the air. No matter what plants we are growing in our homes we need to learn some basics of the gardening, such as the type of soil, type of plants that will grow healthy in our home or garden, the air, light and water requirements of the plants etc.  The evidence of multifold advantages suggests that all of us should take some time out for gardening and growing plants. This will keep us healthy, active and our environment clean.

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