Top Unknown Places that are Hidden Treasures of India


Top Unknown Places that are Hidden Treasures of India

India is a magical place with magical landscapes, the Mighty Himalayas and lovely coastal areas. There are warm coastal beaches with beautiful marine life, and deserts that are cold and hot. It is home to the white salt desert, backwaters, thick, lush green forests and amazing water bodies with unique features in every place.

With a colourful culture and amazing collection of historical places, India is a top-notch tourist attraction in the world. Its scintillating scenic splendour is admired by millions of visitors from around the globe every year. However, there are many tourists that love to travel to the offbeat places that are untarnished and are not crowded. Such places are not influenced by the huge tourist traffic and are just like hidden pearls inside the deep oceans. For all those tourists, we have compiled a list of the best-hidden tourist places in India. Offering a virgin beauty and stunning natural splendour, all these places are perfect for the people that want to explore the road not taken.

However, being offbeat doesn’t make any of these places devoid of basic amenities and services. From accommodation to transportation, these places don’t lack in any area. You can find hotels, lodges, home-stays, hostels and rest houses etc. at all these places and make your bookings as per your budget and preferences. The hotel bookings can be made online via popular websites like Treebo that also offer amazing discounts in the form of Treebo Promo code.

Now, check out the list of the best-kept secrets of India that offer an otherworldly travel experience.


1- Kurnool

Located in Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool is blessed with stunning beauty and has historical importance as well. The place houses the palace ruins of the last Hindu king – Gopal Raju and a medieval fort dating back to the Vijaynagar Empire. Another important attraction is a 16-century palace of Kurnool ruler with ancient inscriptions in Persian and Arabic. There are Belum Caves, the tomb of Abdul Wahab, Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary and Kondareddy Buruz – all of which are the most amazing historical attractions to explore in India. Other places to visit include Oravkallu Rock Garden lots of temples.

2- Drass

Located at the base of Zoji La pass, Drass is a place that receives an enormous amount of snowfall. The temperatures can hit -60 degree Celsius and make Drass the second coldest colonized place in Asia. The spring and summer season in the Drass valley make the surroundings picturesque and dream-like. The vibrant green pastures are laden with a lush carpet of wildflowers and herbs. Drass is situated in the Markha valley and is civilized on the river banks. Drass is also termed as the gateway to Ladakh.

3- Malana

Often called the Little Greece of India, Malana is one of the best-hidden treasures that India has to offer. It is a small village located in the North East region of the Kullu Valley and is called Milana by the locals. This little hamlet is also famous for the growth of wild Charas which is also called Malana Cream. Malana is surrounded by the stunning Chandrakhani Mountains and enveloped by the beautiful Himalayan forests. You can also explore the rich and unique customs and beliefs of the locals during your visit. There are many amazing hotels and resorts with spas, in and around Malana, that will make your stay a wonderful Himalayan experience. You can book them online using Treebo Promo code and enjoy decent savings as well.

4- Shivagange

Shivgange is an idyllic place in the State of Karnataka. Offering a sneak peek into the rich history of the region, this place is loaded with natural beauty. Often termed as Dakshin Kashi, this place also offers a large number of adventures to the visitors.

5- Zanskar Valley

Famous for the Phugtal or Phuktal Monastery, the Zanskar Valley is the sub-district of Kargil that is located in Ladakh. Famous for trekking, camping and mountain adventures, the Zanskar Valley is a mesmerizing sight for all the visitors. Some of the must-visit places are Pensi La Pass, Padum, and Zanskar River. The river is also the site of highly popular Chadar Trek or Zanskar River Trek. Rangdum is a plateau that lies in the Suru Valley. This is one of the unique places as it is flanked by white glaciers on one side and hills on the other.

6- Laitmawsiang

Laitmawsiang is located in Meghalaya and is a scenic little place with stunning scenery. Located in the Khataeshnong Laitkroh of East Khasi Hills, this small village is blessed with heavenly natural bounties. With clouds looming over the hills, you will feel that you are walking among them. You can also explore the natural caves such as Garden of Caves and Arwah Cave. Another amazing place to visit and explore is Mawdohnud that you must not miss on your visit.

7- Janjheli

Janjheli is located in Siraj valley of Himachal Pradesh and is blessed with incredible beauty. Famous for trekking, mountain climbing, camping and lots of other sports, Janjheli is one of the best-kept secrets of the Indian hill stations. You can arrive via the road that snakes around the deep and thick Himalayan forests. The forests are teeming with all wild animals and exotic herbs.

8- Hemis

This hidden treasure belongs to the crown of India – the lovely State of Jammu and Kashmir. Housing fierce snow leopards and many rare species of fauna, Hemis is also famous for the Hemis High Altitude Wildlife Sanctuary. Offering breathtakingly beautiful scenery and enchanting nature, this is a must-visit place. Gotsang Gompa and Hemis Monastery are the other places of interest located in Hemis.

9- Bhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh

Bhedaghat is located in the heart of the nation i.e. Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most amazing places to visit in the State. Dhuandhar Waterfalls attract locals and tourists alike and are a beautiful sight to behold. Bhedaghat is also famous for its ancient temples and Marble Rocks. Boat rides in the moonlit nights are one of the most famous things to do here.

10- Chamba Valley

Though the valleys and jungles of Himachal Pradesh are famous across the nation, the Chamba Valley is still to get its fair share of exposure. The nearby areas of Dalhousie and Khajjiar are very famous. However, the Chamba Valley itself is not that much frequented. It is wonderful and a must-visit place.

So, which one of these places are you going to visit first?

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