How HR Tech Can Unite Your Multi-State Workforce

How HR Tech Can Unite Your Multi-State Workforce


How HR Tech Can Unite Your Multi-State Workforce

In the course of expanding their business in different regions, companies are hiring employees for different states and locations. This is done to tap into new markets and fill in high demand rolls. This acts as a beneficial situation for both employees looking for better jobs and employers looking for new talent in different locations. As the company expands to different locations the complications and challenges also increase. Maintaining workforces at different locations is also a big challenge.

Having employees and business operations at different locations means you need to be compliant with the local laws, payroll rules, leave laws and training requirements. Often the biggest challenge for the HR is to build a culture that mixes up with that of that particular area or state while retaining the original essence of the company.

This is where the HR tech and services come into action to reduce the stress towards the workforce and give you more time to focus on your core activity. HR solutions help to save working hours which leaves you with more hours to spend on strategic activities, engaging employees and expanding the business.

HR tech and solutions also give you exposure to training, checklists, and tools to manage your workforce and keep your business compliant which helps increase productivity and avoid fines. In the end, it helps you save time and money which can be utilized towards growth and development.

HR tech and solutions like SAP SuccessFactors help unite your multi-state workforce into one big team. They do so by offering a number of features and services which are as follows:

1.  Real-time expert advice

Live support and advice from certified HR experts and advisors to prevent and solve challenging people issues and challenges. As and when you need support and advice, the advisors are just a call or email away. Quick response and immediate solutions and advice help to tackle challenges quickly saving a lot of time and resources.

2.  Employee learnings and management system

It provides the employees with timely and mandated training and development for proactive and reactive risk management. The training is provided to keep the employees up to date with the business and market and also training for workplace safety, sexual harassment, etc., it covers all.

3.  Compliance tool

It gives access to the various rules, regulations, and laws that your business needs to be compliant with. No matter which state you are planning to start your operations in, it will provide you with a guidebook regarding the laws and regulations of that state. It will also help you to compare the regulations and laws of the state you operate in with the states you plan to begin your operations.

4.  Employee directory

Even if the employees are sitting at different offices in different states, they can view their co-workers’ profile, their job title, role, skills, and their contact details. This enables you to coordinate and communicate with all the employees in the organization sitting at different locations and helps them work as one big team.

5.  Mobile application

With the mobile application, employees can access a lot of things just with a tap on their screen. They can get access to the companies news feed to get the latest news and updates, get access to new tasks and projects, post an update, request for leaves, communicate with other employees, etc. all this helps to bring the workforce close no matter at which location they are sitting. Having a dedicated help to increase the response time, thereby saving a lot of time.

6.  Company news feed

This helps to keep each and every employee in the loop of the activities in the organization. The administrators and the top management can share company updates and post announcements that can be viewed by the entire organization at the same time. The employees can also post their views, feedback and requirements. It can also be used to post pictures, news video links and also to recognize coworkers efforts and achievements.


HR tech and services play a major role in handling multi-state business. It not only helps to save time and money, but also helps to unite the workforce and engage them to work as one big team.

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