How to Define Your Rewards Program to Selective Customers

How to Define Your Rewards Program to Selective Customers

Rewards programs are undoubtedly decisive for businesses. More than 92% of customers who agree that the bonus affects the purchase decision, it is time to consider a fragmented program for their business.

There are many types of bonus programs that you can apply to customers. Is it the most relevant and effective to keep customers correct loving? Learn how to determine your reward to select customers!

Rewards Programs

The bonus program is a program that gives a gift or price to these customers who register and meet certain conditions. These terms may differ from purchases or participation in business activities. There are several rewards programs that you can customize to suit your business environment.

Types of Rewards Programs

points program

Points programs have long been implemented by Startup development company because of their simplicity. Customers earn points when they meet certain conditions. Points can be accumulated and redeemed for a variety of rewards, e.g. B. Free items, coupons, goods or other rewards. Here are some activities that guests can fill in points:

As you can see, the points are not always available. In fact, the main objective of enrichment programs to create a constant or engagement relationship that continues to communicate with customers and become a company for bonuses.

Bonus programs with multiple levels

Remuneration programs with multiple levels can be combined with spot programs, with multiple staircase lectures programs, customers achieved success. Some levels can choose as bronze, silver, gold and diamond. Each level has different bonuses. For example, users of higher tiers can enjoy higher discounts, double points, early access to new products, etc. A tiered rewards program is effective because it makes customers more competitive, encourages them to participate at a higher level, and makes them more active and engaged in their business.

Sponsorship Program

A referral program is a type of rewards program that offers the added benefit of acquiring new customers. Customers can invite their friends to join the program, who will earn points, discounts and other benefits on their next purchase. Using this simple concept, this type of rewarding software can also be combined with the previous two programs to make it more interesting. Select the appropriate rewards for customers
Each rewards program offers different rewards that you can give along with your strengths. Here are some types of bonuses to choose from.


Coupons or coupons are very effective in getting customers to come back because they like anything that helps them save. At the same time, make sure that customers come back. To determine the value of your coupon, be sure to choose one that doesn’t impact your margin too much and is still attractive to customers.

free articles

Free items are another type of reward that customers are familiar with. Collect certain points and exchange them for a free item. This bonus becomes even more interesting when you select the most popular product as a free item and get more excited about participating.

A product

If your business has a unique brand or talisman, you can choose this type of reward for your customers. You can make different types of products such as cutlery, bags and staples.

third party rewards

Another type of rewards you can choose from in the rewards program are third-party rewards or rewards received from related businesses other than your own. For example, you can distribute shopping vouchers, vouchers, travel vouchers or other types of vouchers for a particular supermarket.

Bonus management is effective for coupon management

Even after selecting customer compensation, it is also important to check the use of overall deployment and compensation. Otherwise, the success of the bonus program is difficult and is sufficient for attractive customers. Discount Discount Discount Discounts and Discount Coupons To compensate for compensation for discount coupons, you can optimize bonus programs using coupon management systems.

What is an important feature of coupon management system for business?

Get rewards

The main features of the coupon management system are the production of discount coupons and compensation. Coupon management lets you set a price or reward percentage for your customers. It can be customized for different types of customers including new, repeat and inactive customers. Do not forget the expiration date. If the expiration date is too long, the customer may lose interest or forget about the prizes. Use a shorter expiration date to attract customers to FOMO. Distribution management

There are many bonuses that you need to offer to all your customers at the same time. Others are only distributed to certain eligible customers. Therefore, an effective coupon management system must be able to easily distribute individual or batch rewards.

payment date

The voucher management system should keep track of each customer’s redemption history. You can then notify your customers when there is a reward that will expire soon. You can also identify the highest and lowest redemption prices.

data analysis

The coupon management system should provide the basis for data analysis and evaluation of reward programs. All the collected data can be clearer to change the rewards program and make it more attractive and effective in retaining customers.

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