How to make your own Fairy garden

How to make your own Fairy garden

How to make your own Fairy garden

Thinking of a fairy garden seems childish and, at the same time, is an excellent gift for kids. But it is not like that anymore. It is because fairy gardens have become so popular. And its fame is because of how beautiful it makes our garden look.


Along with kids, its mesmerizing impacts make it more enchanted to women too.

So now fairy gardens are not only restricted to children’s play area but also make porches, backyard equally beautiful. Only because of that, women try their very best to give a magical look to their gardens with different ideas.


Fairy gardens are so common that women nowadays are quite creative in making their fairy gardens through different DIY tricks and techniques.

These fairy gardens are not only restricted to outdoor but also make indoors equally beautiful.

Just because of that, we will discuss how you can make your fairy garden.

Ingredients for fairy garden 

Essential elements that you required are

  • Container and a potting soil
  • Extra accessories like stones, pebbles, glass marbles, tables, mini chairs, old teacups, wooden birdhouse,
  • Small plants from nursery with flowers or twigs.

Steps to Make Your Fairy Garden

Now, let’s mention the actions that will help us in making our fairy garden.

1 Choose the place/location

We must choose the place where we want to have a fairy garden. It’s your house, you know it best.

But placing a fairy garden demands a container.

You can place that decorated fairy garden container in a tree stump.

Place it inside the house.

Place it in backyard

Anyplace that needs to look pretty, just go for it.

 2 Select a theme

As we have decided on the place, now let us move forward to the next step. And that is to determine the issue of your fairy garden.

Selecting the theme depends totally on the location where it is placed. For example, if it is situated near the tree. You can go for the idea of wooded wonderland.

  • If it is near the fountain, you can go to the castle theme.
  • Among those, there are also many other ideas to rely on.

 3 Choose the plant and other ingredients 

The place has been chosen along with the theme. Now move forward to the next point, and that is to pick the right plants for your fairy garden.

Picking up the right plants also totally depends upon the theme of the garden and the climate change too.

For that, take guidance from a local nursery to help you with picking up flowers and plants for your garden.

Different types require different plants and that too also depends upon climate change.

If you have a garden built inside the house, It will demand the indoor plants. And if is it is not in the home, and the garden will require outdoor plants.

4 Soil for the plants


Choosing the right soil for your plants is as essential as living. The land is an essential component for plants to live.

Choose the organic matter composted soil. With that, also add pea gravel for proper drainage on the bottom of the container.

As you have added the right soil in your container. Make sure to set the earth properly if you want to have the loveliest garden. Try to add a layer of charcoal to keep the soil fresh.

And remember, don’t take soil from your garden. Always look for fresh ground in your container.

5 Ingredients and Accessories

Now the land has been set. After that, collect the right accessories like stones, glass marbles, tables, mini chairs, old teacups, wooden birdhouse.

These accessories are optional. You can put them according to the theme and place you have decided.

As the accessories are optional but yet let’s help you with some examples.

  • Lanterns
  • Fairy hose
  • Chairs
  • Toy animals
  • Little benches
  • Pails
  • Pebbles
  • Fences and so on

Well, if you’re missing something and you want to add that too.

You can make that on your own with the help of clay.

6 Place the items

For that, first place the things to check. After doing so, make a scene. You can create multiple views if you have a great place to do so.

  • So now add water, dig holes where you want to place the plants.
  • After planting, also dig holes into adjusting the accessories such as tables, fairies, and so on.
  • After doing that, water your plants to keep them lively.
  • Too much water can also ruin them.

7 Finish the process

Now, as you have placed all the plants and accessories. Your fair garden has been established.

Water the plants time by time. And add more plants if you want.

You can also change the plants, change the toys, and other small elements if you want to.

Types of fairy gardens

As we have mentioned above

There are two types of fairy gardens

Outdoor fairy gardens and indoor fairy gardens.

Both need complete care and different plants to make them look beautiful.

Indoor fairy gardens must restrain from the sun, and it is essential to allow all the sunlight to outdoor fairy gardens.


According to thenevadaview fairy gardens may sound like a children’s playing spot. But in recent years it has taken equal importance by women too. Now all women want their house to look beautiful, and a fairy garden is the best option so far. Because they let them explore their imagination and creativity.

Women are colorful creatures of God. Just like their colorfulness and beauty, they want their homes to look beautiful too.

Thus fairy gardens have turned out to be a great idea. It is also essential because it will help kids to have a play area. And along with that, it is also an excellent place for young girls to practice their fantasy world. And make doll hoses in it if they want to. They can put barbies or other dolls in it too.

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