How to Shop for a Two-Way Radio

If an incident occurs in your area, be it an earthquake, a storm or an economic crisis, the information system can be damaged. Landline phones can be lost and towers closed. If you are at home with your chosen family, that may not be a problem. But what if your spouse works in an office building on the other side of town? Or what if one wants to go out for supplies like oil and water? In these situations, you need to have a way to communicate with your loved ones so that you can help each other when needed.

Features to look for when buying a walkie-talkie:

  • Battery
  • Telephone conversation
  • Channel
  • Show
  • Frequency
  • Keyboard lock
  • Private code
  • Range
  • Measure
  • Weather Alerts

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You need a professional two way radio that won’t run out. However, you will also need a rechargeable radio if the power goes out for a long period of time. Most manufacturers see battery life in product descriptions and recommend 5% discharge, 5% discharge and 90% standby. I recommend getting one that removes rechargeable batteries and gets a solar lease. I have 4 solar chargers from professional two way radio and I am very happy. Provide rechargeable batteries for radio every day.

Phone calls.

Some things to watch out for include phone notifications (someone with a different phone tone is a good option), channel security, a channel scan (to let you know which channel is being used) Acknowledgment ( voice can be made by anyone The team knows you have stopped speaking) Final channel reminder (very easy) Memory (so you can find the most used channels) and microphone jack / microphone (for hands-free calls).

It’s best to have a professional two way radio station with multiple channels so you can get one that’s open (this is especially important in big cities).


Most models have a welcome screen, distribution, battery life, time and more. It is best to have a closed monitor, thermometer or compass. Get an easy-to-read LCD (liquid crystal display).


FRS stands for Family & professional two way radio Service, a series of ordinary entertainment activities, but electricity is limited. UHF (High Frequency) is better than GMRS (Mobile Mobile Universal Service). However, to use GMRS, you need a license from the FCC.

Lock the keyboard.

It keeps you on your channel even when you are on the move. Continue to find an automatic shutdown device that eliminates background noise

Private code

This is important in urban living situations because you do not want to hear others say, “I’m going to dig for food that I put in the woods behind our house.” People will still be able to hear your channel, but your voice will be strange and incomprehensible. The radio has 20 channels and 100 private codes and provides up to 2000 channels.


Before you start watching a professional two way radio station, map and determine the distance from your home to your workplace (or school, church, etc.) and find a radio station that is further away. A radio station that can reach 30 miles should be perfect for most people living in big cities


I’m more comfortable with something that fits in my pocket, but the larger radio is more durable and functional. It’s your choice

Weather Alerts.

The best professional two way radio can be checked for NOAA weather warnings. It may stop sending alerts when things go awry, but for now it’s very useful especially if you’re hunting / hoarding.

Lastly, you need to decide on the best radio for you and your family. Walmart has affordable radios or you can check out the walkie-talkies at It’s an affordable radio (only $ 30 per pair) with most of the features listed above, like the LXT490VP3 Midlands bi-directional radio, but you have to find what works for you.


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