The ultimate guide to How to tie a bow tie

tie a bow tie

Living in the 20th century and you don’t know how to tie a bow tie, then you’re not the only one. According to observation, it has been seen that only less than 1 per cent of men know how to tie a bow tie. Wearing a bow tie is not only a sign of gentleman but also being sober. No wonder pre-tied bow ties are also available, but one even knows how to tie a bow tie. But before going further, let us go through a little history of it. At first, men used to tie scarves around their necks. This practice was done to hold both open ends of shirts together. But as time has passed, trends have also changed. And to feel more luxurious, the concept of wearing a bow tie came forward. Croatian mercenaries were the first guy who wore a bow tie in the middle of the 17th century. And since then, it has become an essential part of men’s wear. This thought must be in your mind that why are we discussing that. Well, as 99 per cent of people still don’t know how to tie a bow tie, we must go through the steps that will help them do so.

Six steps to how to tie a bow tie

  • No doubt, high power comes with great responsibility. And learning how to tie a bow tie is also a responsibility.
  • A guy must know the essentials of living his life and bow tie is one of them
  • So let’s discuss some steps that will help you in answering how to tie a bow tie. Since the 17th century, bow ties have been in fashion. We have found different styles to do that.
  • Every man should be able to tie his bow tie.
  • Not only is it a sign of masculinity, but it also gives the right effect to your dressing too.
  • Only boys are the ones who wear pre-tied bow ties to the prom.

   Now let’s move forward to steps.

1) Hang your bow tie around the neck

Hang the bow in such a way that one side should be longer than the other one. Supposed right side as side A and left bottom as side B. You can take any side to be longer than the other one Let’s say A team should be longer than the other one. Keep the distance of one side 1 to 1.5 inches longer than the other one.

2) Make a loose tie by bringing A close to your neck across B

It happens when the long end goes over the short term.

3) Fold the side B in such a way that it looks like a bow 

Now fold the side B in such a way that it looks like a bow by keeping a finger on the half knot. The long end goes up through the hole, and you pull it tight while at the same time you are pinching on the knot.

4) Pull the side A to half folded bow tie of side B

The next step involves putting the longer side of the bow tie on your neck. By doing that, you make sure that you have gone through the trickiest part of shaping the bow tie.

5 Tke the unfolded part and make the half fold

Now take the revealed part and the shorter side in your hand. Bring your index finger in the body of your bow tie of the short end. And fold it in such a way that it looks like a bow tie. After doing that, bring the other longer piece in, the A-side piece in, and fold it over. Now it already looks like a bow tie from the front.

6) Tie both halves in such a way just like you’re tying your shoelaces by pulling

Now tie both halves in such a way just like you’re tying your shoelaces by pulling. And that’s the answer to how to tie a bow tie. Or take both sides of the bow tie and hold it in your hand. By keeping it in your hand like that, it creates a hole from behind. As you have made the hole, take the stranded end in your hand. Make it into the shape of a bow tie and pull it through the hole. By the pull on the folded ends, it will ultimately tighten the knot of the bow tie.

Why should one never wear pre-tied bow ties?

Here is a simple question to the answer and that is That pre-tied bow ties are not symmetrical, but they also look so perfect, and a bow tie never looks so perfect. And it also looks cheap.

Rules for wearing a bow tie

As we have discussed, the steps to tie a bow tie. Let’s also consider the rules of wearing a bow tie to make it easier for you.

1 ) Wear the right suit and shirt for your bow tie.

One of the most important steps is to have the correct shirt and suits. A misconception has been set in our minds that bow ties should only be worn with a tuxedo. But that’s not true; one can wear the bow ties with suits and anything classy.

2) Keep a close eye on the fabric you are wearing.

To wear a bow tie, one must also know the fabric he is wearing with the bow tie.

3) Keep your bow-tie tied, never come untied

It looks cheap if you’re wearing a bow tie and it is untied. Always keep your bow tie tied.

4) It’s not a clip, it is called bow tie and has different shapes of bow tie

Men always call the bow ties by the right name, but boys should also learn the difference and stop calling it a clip.

5) Please pay attention to colours and patterns, you’re wearing it with.

Just like suits and fabrics. Also, pay attention to the colour patterns you’re wearing.

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