hsa home warranty


The HSA Home Warranty is a one-year annual service contract that can help protect your income from the high cost of unnecessary protected repairs or upgrades to significant components of the systems and appliances in your home.

This assurance does away with the frustrating task of finding a service company. You contact HSA when a covered failure occurs, and they will refer you to a trained, licensed service provider.

Home warranties generally cover plumbing when the issues arise from normal wear and tear. … Many of the common plumbing disorders covered by AHS include Air, gas, drain, or vent lines leaks and breaks. Faucets head tub and doors for shower.

How tense when that sound comes up from the basement. The clanks, a fan’s slow whirling down. How nervous when the outside temperature is 20 degrees, and you know your furnaces stopped working.

hsa home warranty

Claim Warranty

Part of our home purchase included this assurance and this year, it was so supportive to us that we didn’t even doubt the renewal of next year’s warranty! From simple app to file a claim online. To the helpful people on the phone who are leading you through their contractors. Everything about our experience this past year has been fantastic for the individual contractors who come to your home to make the repairs.

HSA Home Warranty is geared for buyers/sellers and real estate professionals though it also provides homeowners with direct plans. Pricing is variable according to the program and economy. Seller scope is product effective date. Buyer coverage effective closing date for a term of 12 months, and is reversible.

This one can be a big shock, particularly as home warranty toilets and plumbing are typically normal. … If your home has a septic system, make sure it includes in every home warranty you approve or purchase.

Cover your defect issues

Builders ‘ warranties cover problems, including cracks in the base of a house, faulty insulation, plumbing, and other defects. Most builders ‘ homes warranties after one year are limited to major structural issues that present health or safety concerns.

While the insurance provider may, in those specific cases, cover the cost of repairing foundations, they do not cover compaction and soil extension damages. … The home insurance, however, will not, as a general rule, help to cover total foundation repair.

The insurance policy is not a house guarantee but a service contract that covers the cost of repairing or replacing the protected items, such as large kitchen appliances, as well as electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems. Neither warranty covers windows, doors, or any other structural features.

Benefits for Consumers

The acquisition is one of the residence’s most significant investments. Be assured in your purchase agreement by asking the seller to include an HSA Home Warranty. If the seller does not offer the home warranty, you can still buy this essential cover yourself.

To have the luxury of insurance

There can be a lot of costs to cover like with any house. You will rest easier, realizing that your home systems and appliances have budget protection for covered repairs.

Reliable 24-7 Service Convenience

Instead of asking for estimates and fixes at different companies, call HSA. They must arrange a consultation from a professional, licensed provider of services.

HSA’s Service Guarantee

When HSA is unable to provide you with a suitable service provider, and out-of-network provider will be licensed to ensure you get reliable and timely service.

Seller Rewards

You can purchase an HSA Home Warranty as a seller to cover the equity investment in your home. By buying a warranty during the listing period of your home, you can help cover ordinary out-of-pocket expenses that sellers often face because of mechanical failures.

Coverage during the time in which you mention

If you have to repair or replace one of your protected appliances or device components suddenly when your home is on the market, then you can rely on HSA to help solve the problem. That way, you can keep focusing on selling your home.

A powerful device for marketing

An HSA Home Warranty is an additional incentive that can distinguish your listing from the rest.

Prevention of disputes over post-sale

If any parts or equipment included in the program break down after the home sold, the buyer will turn to HSA.

Be the part of your real estate agent

Part of your work as a real estate agent is helping the buyers and sellers in every way possible. If you are a professional real estate excellent, this task continues long after closing. It is where a decent home warranty comes in. As a helping hand consumer can rely on whenever they need, a great home warranty package should be regarded as a cornerstone of your service offerings-not an afterthought.

“Any homeowner will benefit from having an HSA home warranty,” says Schupp, who notes that the coverage will help minimize the exposure of homeowners to accidental and untimely device components or equipment failures.

HSA Home Warranty, Inc. and other companies, including Home Security of America, Inc, Home Security Association, Inc., HSA Home Warranty, Inc, are operating through its HSA Home Warranty Inc. Wisconsin Home Security Association and Virginia Home Security Association Inc.

HSA Home Warranty has a BBB ranking and has been an accredited business since 2002. It has an average rating of three-out-of-five stars based upon 5,272 customer reviews. A total of 11,216 customer complaints were registered, with the majority of the claims classified as a “product or service issue.”


Pricing for homes not included in an immovable property contract is less transparent. You’ll have to call in for pricing. These look, based on our study, slightly higher than the plans for buyers/sellers or real estate professionals.

In several states, we reviewed the annual pricing of contracts for buyers/sellers. (TCF is another term for deductible or duty fee. The yearly rate will be lower if you decide to pay a higher TCF.


You can buy coverage for certain excluded products. You will need to talk to a representative of the company to find out if the optional coverage is valid for the item you need to cover, and if it is available in your area. You will communicate with a representative of a corporation for exclusions on homes not involved in a real estate transaction.

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