Ideas to Decorate Empty Living Room Corners

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No home is perfect. There are always some empty corners that might make you feel uncomfortable or awkward. These spaces are sometimes too small to place a chair or too big to place just a side table. 

We don’t realize it, but these corners open a door of opportunity for us to decorate our abode and make it look beautiful and welcoming. With the right ornaments for home, empty nooks can turn into eye-catching, inviting spots.

Here are some decoration ideas that will accentuate even the dull and silent corners of your living space.

  1. Add visual appeal to the empty walls

It is almost impossible to avoid having empty walls in a home. They are the transitional zones between rooms. Why not make this space functional with something useful. Like hang a mirror and pair it with a bold and statement-making piece of art that is hard to look away from. This won’t even add any clutter to your living space and add a lot of visual interest.

  1. Illuminate the empty floor corners with sculptures

If you are at that stage where you cannot place a table in the empty floor space and the emptiness is making you uncomfortable, it’s time to get home a sculpture. Why not choose a lamp-cum-sculpture that also serves the purpose of spreading light in an otherwise dark space. Lamps with artwork are a feature of their own and can fill your living room with aesthetics.

  1. Liven up the corners with natural light

Some corners in our homes receive natural light but are still devoid of our attention. If you have any such corner in your living area, you can choose from among a wide variety of sculptures to showcase the liveliness of your home. Get a floral plant that does not require much water or choose pottery sculptures that are pieces of artwork in themselves. 

  1. Add interest to boring corners beside the sofa

Bland and empty corners and spaces on the sides of the living room sofa can kill the grandeur of the entire home interiors. Choose a unique art piece for this space. If you have an empty shelf, use it to display a sculpture or get a pedestal to place a statue. The art piece you choose should be visible from the front side, and else it will lose its purpose.

  1. Create a cozy window corner

If there’s a window just by the corner, you can build a window seat. This can be a space for you to relax and have a cup of coffee. Choose cozy little sculpture pieces to decorate this corner of yours.

You can add functionality to the empty corners of your living space by adding storage space elements and decorating them with small sculptures. Consider adding a small corner shelf, placing a little vase sculpture, or installing a wall bookshelf and adding metal figurines between the books to break the monotony.

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