Interactive Marketing What Are The Main Benefits Of Interactive Content?

Increasingly, interactive marketing is becoming the most used means by companies to promote and publicize their brands. This is mainly characterized by working with communication techniques, based on technological supports such as the Internet.
In addition, interactive marketing provides a series of benefits to all companies that apply it. For this reason, at Cinema8, we tell you a little more about the advantages and benefits of using interactive content within the promotional strategies of each company.

Efficient communication between the company and its customers

Among the main advantages and benefits, interactive marketing expands the channels of communication between companies and their customers, making them much more efficient and effective.
Customers can comment and express their appreciation regarding a specific campaign or service. This represents a great advantage for the company, since if the client provides his personal feedback, not only can the campaigns be improved, but the development of new and improved strategies will also be possible.
In the same way, because the Internet allows interaction video with the target audience, companies will be able to create a short, medium or long-term relationship with their clients and thus, they will be able to sell their products or services in a more personalized way. In this way, they will be able to meet all the expectations of their customers.

Create more creative campaigns

The possibilities of creating more creative campaigns through this medium are excellent. Interactive marketing allows advertising agencies to create much more effective target audience experiences. This is mainly due to the fact that through the Internet, it is possible to reach the desired target audience in a concrete way.
Likewise, it allows companies to develop new formats and much more attractive strategies for users by achieving greater visibility and positioning with their audience.

Real-time tracking and analysis

Because the Internet is the main interactive marketing tool, through it, companies can obtain short-term results. The internet allows them to consult and obtain the results of the operation of the campaigns in real time. Giving them the opportunity to take the necessary actions, depending on each case.

How to apply interactive marketing in an event or campaign?
Installing interactive btl games

Unlike the classic brand activation games, interactive games cause greater brand recall, since they interact closely with the customer and are presented in an interactive way.
For a game to be interactive, they respond to a specific action or stimulus by the participant. They are activated in a sensory way or when hearing a sound.
These are some of the most popular Interactive Marketing games we have at Cinema8:
Interactive bar: It is a gigantic touch screen that allows you to connect apps, games and visuals to attract the attention of customers in different events.
Screaming Game: A fun and raucous racing game that is voice activated. To win, players must shout your brand name at the top of their voices. Increasing, on a large scale, your level of recall.
Virtual Golf: Entertain your attendees with all the fun of a real golf game on an interactive screen with your brand or event logo. A physical simulator that stimulates the concentration and adrenaline of your participants so that they never forget your event.
Virtual surfing: Challenge your attendees to master a surfboard through a digital screen.
Virtual reality
Virtual reality will never go out of style when it comes to Interactive Marketing. He is able to blur the lines that separate reality from fantasy and envelop the client in an atmosphere full of emotion.
Its use in events and activations is very effective, since it adapts to the brand and the product.
For example, you can create a virtual world that revolves around the brand which the participant can experience through special glasses or viewers.
Here we show you one of our most successful cases of Virtual Reality:
Augmented reality
Another wonderful way to apply Interactive Marketing in an event is by making use of Augmented Reality. It is a technology that mixes real environments with virtual elements in real time.
You can enjoy this technology either through a cell phone camera or an interactive augmented reality screen.
Of the latter, at Cinema8 we have another success story where augmented reality took all the attention of the public:

Interactive marketing agency

At Cinema8 we create fun, memorable and unique activations and campaigns using the magic of technology. For all types of companies, events, and items. We have more than 17 years of experience applying Interactive Marketing.
Contact us here to design a winning interactive strategy for your company.

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