Introducing Follower Insights For Instagram

Insights For Instagram

Instagram is consistently lauded as the pinnacle vacation spot for coming across new and exciting content. But it in terms of gaining significant perception into the why of successful, viral posts, many customers may additionally.

Every now and then experience misplaced within the shuffle (or is that swipe?)

Insights For Instagram


But fear no longer! We’re thrilling to announce a new characteristic for Instagram called Follower Insights.

Available now.

What are Follower Insights?

Learning approximately what makes your target market want to love, percentage and have interaction together with your brand is the secret weapon of any professional social media guru.

Starting today, you may advantage valuable information of who’s following your tracked accounts — even the audience of the competition.

Hey, all’s fair in love and struggle and Instagram.

Post Local, Reach Global

Discover wherein your target audience is distributed across the world, and even their domestic kingdom in your U.S.-based totally fans.

Follower Insights for Instagram – Keyhole

Graphics, Graphics, Demographics

Keyhole makes audience recognition easy. Showcasing how a lot of your tracked accounts have male or woman fans, the percentage of public vs.

Non-public fans, and their target audience’s most used keywords permits you to benefit meaningful insight into the who of any follower be counted.

Follower Insights for Instagram – Gender and Account Type – Keyhole

Keyhole Updates

Many of our colleagues within the Canadian technology enterprise recently pledged to suit donations going towards the American Civil Liberties Union.

Inspiring us to do the identical! We’ve pledged to healthy ACLU donations as much as $5,000 as a message of exact religion in the direction of the importance of democracy and duty.

We’re proud to arise for what is proper at Keyhole, and hope you are too. Read more in BetaKit.

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