Is it a Royal Panda Scam? Here’s What You Should Know About Royal Panda

Royal Panda Scam

Royal panda happens to be one of those platforms that have recently risen to the scene!

This casino was first licensed in 2013 by the malta gaming authority and the site officially went online in 2014.

Even though it just rose to the scene, Royal panda has been on the scene for quite some time now.

However, there are some concerns that this platform is also fake in some ways.

So let us look into it!

Is Royal Panda Really Fake?

There is no doubt that Royal panda happens to be one of the most recent platforms available online similar to 토토사이트.

Despite being relatively new, a lot of people in the UK consider this Royal panda to be one of the best online casinos available in the UK.

Royal Panda gets the title for being the best as it has attracted a lot of bettors and game providers in a short span of time.

Since so many people are rushing towards sit, there has to be something that Royal Panda is getting done in the right way.

After all, if it was scamming people, someone would see-through.

There would not be so many users rushing to join Royal panda and there would certainly not be enough game providers wanting to work with someone scamming people, right?

We bet your answer is a hard no!

Royal panda comes licensed by both the UKGC and the MGA. Licensing from such institutions means that it can be trusted. Obviously, you will not get a license for scamming, right?

As a bookmaker, you will have to stick to the very tough and strict rules so that you can get a license and also remain compliant. All in all, it is very important to stick to all the procedures.

Moreover, it also really provides the player’s games from some of the best providers available including the respected and renowned NetEnt.

In this field, if NetEnt is your partner, then it means that you are a solid player in the game!

Additionally, this platform also uses SSL Encryption on every page of the website.

SSL encryption ensures a high level of security which makes it safe to say that it is nearly impossible for you to break through the level of security of that website.

SSL encryption ensures that you are protected from all the potential threats posed by hackers.

Since there is no chance of breaking into that website, it’s safe to assume that all of your data which is stored in the databases of this online bookmaker is in good and safe hands.

Considering that all of your information is safe, you don’t really have anything to worry about.

In addition to this factor, all of the gaming providers available on this platform come tested by any third parties.

These third parties check the game providers so that they can ensure that all of the games that are listed on the platform are good to go.

They ensure that all of the games cannot be rigged which means that they can ensure that all of your games are fair and honest.

Since the third parties apps trust this betting platform, you can assume that Royal panda is honest and fair in its dealing.

And this online casino is being powered by a trustworthy random number generator.

The random number generators ensure that there is no potential chance that you can hack a game or know the results beforehand.

Since you cannot know what happens beforehand, it is not possible for you to hack the games and hence you can ensure fair gameplay

What will make you feel that this platform can really be trusted is this information.

This online platform comes trusted by most of the well-trusted banking methods. Knowing that they have the trust in most of the banking methods, you can ensure that all of your deposits and withdrawals on the app are safe and secure.


Furthermore, the additional customer service is also very assisting. This customer service makes sure that everything can run as smoothly as possible for the users.

So all in all, we would say that this is definitely a casino that is legit. There are no signs which lead to it being a scam.

Final Words!

Here go all the facts and figures to conclude that the royal panda is not a scam.

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