Learn To Draw Sonic Drawings Easy | Drawing Tutorial

Learn To Draw Sonic Drawings Easy | Drawing Tutorial

Drawings Easy Video game characters appear to be categorized according to their enduring appeal. Some characters have a large following, while others are destined to become icons that almost everyone would be familiar with.

Best Sonic Drawing

One of those legendary figures is Sonic the Hedgehog, who has been engaged in fast-paced escapades ever since his debut in 1991. Drawings Easy you consider yourself to be one of his hordes of admirers, perhaps you’ve longed to learn how to draw him to honor your devotion.

To make the procedure as quick as the nimble hedgehog himself, we’ve prepared this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Sonic in only 9 simple steps!

Step By Step Sonic Drawing


  • We will take care to incorporate every one of Sonic’s pretty recognizable design cues! We’ll start with one of those traits right away—his spikey back!
  • Draw a horizontally curved line for the top of the spikes to begin with. We will be adding three points to his spikes using a sequence of progressively curved lines that terminate in points.
  • Draw a circle indicating where his head will be about his spikes with a light pencil to help you see where everything will go.


  • After that, you can begin to depict his head.
  • We will be adding to the beginning of Sonic’s head outline for the subsequent section of your drawing. Just add a triangular line to the end of the curved line you sketched to represent his ear.
  • The front of his head can then be formed by adding a curved line using the reference image as a guide.
  • This section might benefit from some practice, so it might be a good idea to sketch it out in pencil first before finishing it in pen.


  • Add Sonic’s other ear and the remainder of his head.
  • The remainder of Sonic’s head will be drawn in the following part of our tutorial on how to draw Sonic.
  • Add a curved line for the top of his head by gently overlapping the ear you sketched in step 2 with it.
  • Once it is depicted, you may add another pointed ear that resembles the first one and then mirror the side of his face so that it appears on the opposite side.
  • After finishing that, your Sonic head is complete, and you may continue to the following action!


  • Draw in Sonic’s first arm at step four.
  • Make sure to include a curved line to form Sonic’s smiling mouth inside of his head before you add the first arm to your drawing!
  • You can place that according to the reference image. Then, starting from the top of his head, a straight arm will begin to extend.
  • The shape of his gloved hand is then created using a few additional curved lines; to create the same effect, closely follow the image.
  • Once you’re satisfied with his arm, carefully add a downward line with a point for his tail.


  • Give Sonic his other arm and stomach in step five.
  • After drawing with one hand, adding the second one shouldn’t be a problem.
  • It should be much simpler to add in his other arm since it will be a mirror version of the first one you drew, especially with the reference image to guide you.
  • You may use a great curved line to give Sonic a stomach once the other arm has been done. Make sure to allow room for his leg in the following step even though this line should practically meet the opposite side of his body.


  • Let’s give Sonic some legs.
  • It’s time to include some legs with some speed in your Sonic drawing since without them, Sonic wouldn’t be Sonic.
  • You can add the first few lines of his legs by drawing them short and straight. One of them will occupy the spot you previously vacated.
  • His shows are therefore large and spherical, and his socks are composed of two squat shapes.
  • I do not doubt that you’ll make a fantastic job of drawing in his legs if you use the reference image!


  • At this point, we can add Sonic’s face.
  • In the following part of our tutorial on drawing Sonic, we’ll give the nimble hero a face.
  • Using two long oval shapes and two smaller, solid-black shapes inserted inside of them, you may give him eyes.
  • Then, as you can see in the image, he has a huge, rounded form around his eyes. Draw that carefully, and then give him a rounded nose.
  • To give his ears some depth, you might add additional lines at the end.


  • Following that, we will include a few last details.
  • Your Sonic drawing only requires a few finishing touches.
  • As seen in the reference image, you can add some basic lines to the man’s tummy, hands, and feet. There is only one more step after these additions.
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