Manufacturer of silicone rubber seals and gaskets

Gasket Manufacturer is a mechanical seal that fills the gap between two or more mating surfaces, preventing leakage from or into the joined objects when they are compressed. It is a deformable substance that is used to produce and maintain a static seal in a mechanical assembly under diverse operating situations.

Silicone rubber gaskets are high-performance mechanical seals with exceptional temperature resistance. Silicone gaskets are used in a variety of applications to prevent leakage between different substrate parts.

Lighting Industry:

Every year, the modern lighting business innovates and introduces new lighting solutions and fixtures to the market. When designing and manufacturing these fixtures, proper sealing is critical. It should be able to withstand both indoor and outdoor weather conditions. Accurate Rubber Corporation manufactures and distributes high-quality silicone rubber gaskets, seals, frame gaskets, bespoke o rings, and silicone sponge gaskets that provide excellent sealing against rain, wind, and dust, as well as resilience to both hot and cold temperatures.

Appliance Industry:

Today’s home, kitchen, and laundry appliances are constructed with high-performance components, which necessitates that the gaskets, tubing, and o rings utilised in these appliances meet that quality. Accurate Rubber Corporation manufactures and distributes high-quality silicone rubber gaskets, seals, silicone tubing, washers, grommets, and o rings for use in dishwashing machines, dryers, fryers, ovens, coffee machines, juicers, blenders, and other appliances.

Do you need silicone rubber tubing, silicone gaskets or seals, or corner moulded gaskets for home appliances such as dishwashers, laundry washers, dryers, cooking ovens, blenders, fryers, and so on? Please contact us by filling out our Request to Quote form and providing us your drawing or dimensions, as well as any other needs.

HVAC Industry:

HVAC equipment manufacturers are seeing continued expansion due to rising demand in both commercial and residential projects. Manufacturers of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, on the other hand, must supply technology that requires less maintenance, saves energy, and lasts longer.

HVAC equipment manufacturers use high-quality components to meet these standards, resulting in increased efficiency. Accurate Rubber Corporation creates custom rubber gaskets and seals, as well as custom o rings, to ensure good sealing, high and low temperature resistance, long durability, and weatherability.

Electrical Wire & Cable:

It’s vital to pick what kind of polymer to use for insulating high-voltage cables when building electrical cable or wire. Key decision variables include heat resistance, flame retardancy, weather conditions, mechanical characteristics, and performance.

High and low temperature resistance is provided via a silicone rubber insulated sleeve. It also has high dielectric qualities, as well as resistance to UV and ozone, low moisture absorption, and radiation.

Defence & Military:

As the globe changes, our military must be ready to serve in a variety of environments, which necessitates that the technology and systems they utilise do not fail.
Accurate Rubber Corporation produces and supplies high-quality bespoke rubber gaskets and seals that fulfil the required specifications. We provide exceptional customer service, a fair price, and a speedy turnaround.

Electronics & Electrical Industry:

Due to large global demand and fresh innovation in these areas, the Electronics & Electrical business has seen rapid expansion in the previous several decades. Insulation and shielding are critical considerations in electronic and electrical applications. Silicone Rubber is a great heat and thermal insulator, as well as a good shielding material.

Accurate Rubber Corporation manufactures high-quality custom silicone rubber gaskets and seals, as well as custom o rings, that have excellent thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulating qualities, excellent weatherability, high gas permeability, and low flammability.

Solar & Wind Energy:

When creating sealing requirements for solar panels and wind turbines, it’s vital to choose the proper rubber material, profile, and precision. Due to seasonal fluctuations or geographical weather unpredictability, it must meet and perform in extreme weather conditions.

Accurate Rubber Corporation manufactures and supplies high-performance rubber gaskets and seals that can withstand a variety of weathering conditions, such as high and low temperatures, UV and ozone resistance, rain and water abrasion, and so on. Our gasket is extremely durable, extending service life and maintaining efficiency.

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