Monitor your Employee Activities with OgyMogy

employee monitoring software

Monitor your Employee Activities with OgyMogy

Employee monitoring has been a great concern for employers across the world. The small and large scale business organizations employ different tactics to keep their workers under surveillance. In this digital age, the most effective and advanced way to monitor employees is the use of monitoring software. The technologists have developed computer and mobile phone monitoring apps to keep tabs on online and offline activities of their workers. Once you install the software on the company-owned computers, smartphones and tablets, you can remotely witness activities performed on these devices by your workers. This article discusses the most efficient employee monitoring software OgyMogy and the high-tech features of the software.

OgyMogy – Employee Monitoring Software

employee monitoring software

OgyMogy is monitoring software for computers and mobile phones that enable the end-user to remotely monitor and manage these devices. The employers can keep track of their workers’ activities within and beyond the workplace. From marketing and sales team to customer care and contact center representatives, the monitoring software lets you track performance of all staff members.

Once you install the software on the targeted computer or mobile phone device, you can monitor and operate that device via web portal of the employee tracking app. The online control panel of OgyMogy lets you send commands to the monitored devices to make them perform certain actions. The app automatically creates online backup of data stored on the monitored device by uploading that data to the online control panel.

How to Monitor Employees’ Cell Phone & Computer Activities

The employee monitoring software lets you track online and offline activities of workers performed on company-owned cell phones and computers. It also allows tracking activities performed outside the workstation. We have rounded up here core features of the tracking software to let you understand its functionality.

Screen Recorder to Capture Real-Time Activities

The tracking software lets you see what your workers are doing on their computers or mobile phones. The software offers screen recording and screenshots to capture whatever appears on the screen of the monitored device. The device starts recording screen on receiving your command and uploads the short video to the online control panel.

Track GPS Location of Remote Workers

The mobile phone tracking app lets you find whereabouts of your remote workers including marketing and sales staff. It provides detail of every tour made by your traveling staff. Also, it offers geo-fencing to prevent workers from crossing the boundaries.

Monitor Internet Usage of Workers

The internet is full of distractions. While it enables employers to expand their business and increase brand awareness, it also provides opportunities to employees to kill their working hours on unproductive tasks. The employers can monitor the internet usage of workers by getting access to the internet browsing history of their computers and mobile phones. The software also offers website filtering to block access to unwanted and unproductive websites.

Track Social Media Activities

The mobile phone spy software lets you track activities performed on social media platforms. It allows tracking Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Hike, Hangout, Tumblr, Telegram, Tinder, Kik, Yahoo messenger and many other social messengers. You can track chats made via these social apps to restrict your workers from workplace bullying and gossips. Also, the tracking software lets you monitor posts of your workers to keep them from posting inappropriate or sensitive company information.

Call Recorder and Chat Monitor

The employee monitoring software lets you keep tabs on the communication of the workers. It creates online backup of all messages received and sent via monitored phones. Also, it records all phone calls received and made by workers for business and personal purposes using the company owned devices. The cell phone tracker app also provides detail of contacts stored on monitored phones to let you know if any worker is involved with competitors.

Monitor Surroundings of Workers

The high-tech employee monitoring app lets you operate camera and microphone of monitored mobile phones and computers. You can turn on front and back camera and microphone of the targeted device to see and listen to the surrounding scenes and sounds. The tracking app prevents your workers from workplace harassments, gossips and unproductive tasks. Also, it eliminates the need to use expensive surveillance cameras at workstation.

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