One Cream for all Fungal Infections

Keto fungal cream

Fungal infections are very common in a country like India. Around ten lakhs of cases are reported each year. Humid and hot weather of the country is the major reason for fungal infections. The more humid the weather is the more is the chance of developing a fungal infection, also known as mycoses.  

Some of the most common causes of fungal infections are moist weather, wearing tight clothes, synthetic fabrics, not cleaning the infected area regularly, etc. Common symptoms include red rashes, frequent itching near and on the infected area, skin burns, cracking of the skin. 

Fungal infections can be of various types, most common of which are-

  • Athlete’s foot- It is usually found between the toes, it mostly occurs due to sweat issues and tight socks and issues. Around one crore cases of athlete’s feet are reported in India. It is very important to treat it on time as it can cause a lot of discomfort and difficulty in walking etc. 
  • Ringworm- It looks like a red ring, out of al the fungal infections it is the most contagious, therefore one must wash one’s hands if touches one. 
  • Jock itch is yet another example.
  • Yeast infections are also very common. 

There are many home remedies to treat mild fungal infections such as the application of aloe vera gel, coconut oil, turmeric, tea tree, and neem tree water. But it is advisable to consult a dermatologist in any case. The most effective way of treating fungal infections that are also recommended by the doctors is the use of ointments containing Ketoconazole. Keto fungal cream gives instant relief from irritation, it acts directly on the affected area and breaks the cell membrane of the fungus. An ointment containing around 2 to 3% of ketoconazole is best for the treatment, it can be applied for about to 3 times a day for a period as suggested by the doctor. 

Even after regular application of the cream if the problem persists one must get their blood tested from a certified laboratory. 

Many creams in the market claim to treat the infection within days but one must understand that all these are market gimmicks and must choose a genuine product made by experts in the field. Keto face cream is not only claimed by the company to cure the problem but has also been various prestigious awards for its innovation and advancement in the sector. this cream is a cure for all types of fungal and yeast infections.

It is generally seen that skin ointment is very expensive but this cream breaks all such perceptions and provides the best treatment at an affordable price.

Not only this the after-sale service is also fabulous as, unlike other companies that provide E-mail support it also provides support over the phone and also live chat support, which is much needed in times like these.

It is quite common that people suffering from fungal infections also face problems such as dandruff, flakes, dry scalp, etc. other revolutionary products from the company such as anti-dandruff shampoo and tablets containing Ketoconazole are also very effective.

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