Picking the Ideal Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

Inquire about the metals used in the binding and finishing processes before purchasing a tungsten carbide ring. For the most part, the low cost of cobalt production has led to its widespread usage as a binder among Tungsten Rings for male makers. Cobalt’s oxidation-inducing tendency stems from its tendency to form connections with skin oils and so leak out of the ring. The tarnish-like oxidation cannot be polished or ground off, making it seem like tarnished silver. In comparison, nickel-binder tungsten carbide is chemically inert, will not oxidize, and poses no risk of skin irritation due to its hypoallergenic nature. If a jeweler doesn’t say whether or not the tungsten wedding rings they sell include the nickel binder alloy, you should proceed with caution. In the absence of more information, many jewelry retailers are selling either cobalt amalgam or pure tungsten, neither of which is as scratch-resistant as tungsten carbide.

Tungsten Ring Sizing and Engraving

Tungsten carbide is so much harder than other metals that wedding bands made of it cannot be resized in the same way that rings made of gold, silver, or platinum can be. Take your time figuring out the correct size before making a purchase. To account for our comfort fit, we suggest using a regular narrow ring gauge (usually known as a women’s sizer). Customers who estimate their ring size or go by the sizes of similar jewelry items (silver rings, etc.) often end up with a ring that is a half size too big. Be careful to take the necessary precautions in calculating your ring size before purchasing a tungsten ring to prevent having to return and reorder a new one. You may use a laser engraver to personalize a tungsten carbide ring. Avoid non-laser engraving techniques, since they can cut too deeply and ruin rings.

Different Tungsten-Related Online Stores

A considerable number of new shops have entered the internet market during the last two years, competing with more established sites. In my experience, however, many shops that boast a lifetime guarantee just disappear, leaving their consumers high and dry. Before tungsten carbide jewelry was trendy, Tungsten Direct was already selling and making it. Make sure the tungsten ring supplier you choose has been around long enough to earn your trust before making a purchase. Tungsten Direct was founded in 2002, making it an early industry leader in the field of tungsten carbide.

So why steel rings?

No longer are gold and platinum the exclusive metals for wedding bands. Wedding bands made of stainless steel are becoming common. Why? For an everyday ring, its resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and discoloration makes it an excellent option. As a result of its sturdiness, it may be worn even in the course of regular activities. Additionally, jewellers provide a wide variety of styles for steel rings to ensure that you discover the ideal ring among them.

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