Popular Attractions in San Francisco, USA

Attractions in San Francisco

There are many places to see in San Francisco and also many plans that you can do in this city. You can end your route along the west coast of the United States here and, despite being tired after exploring the old west for 10 days, it is assured that San Francisco fell in love with me from the first moment.

The most characteristic thing about the city happens to be that it used to be located around a bay and, unlike the rest of the big cities in the United States, its tranquil atmosphere makes you feel at home immediately. No matter what kind of trip you are planning for? Just pack your bags, get spirit airlines reservations online hassle-free. Whether it is a solo trip, family trip, or a honeymoon trip. This place will definitely blow your mind

Now yes, here are the best places to see in San Francisco

Fisherman’s wharf, one of the most important neighborhoods in San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf, built in 1853, was the city’s first port and, in its early days, one of the major ports in California. Over time, the fishing industry was leaving this port and was looking for other places in which to carry out the activity. However, with the rise of tourism, Fisherman’s Wharf was reborn and became one of the must-see places in San Francisco, California.

Union Square, the most iconic square in San Francisco, California

Union Square is the most important square in the city and also the most popular shopping area to visit in San Francisco. People consider it as the heart of the city and are the perfect place to go shopping since some department stores concentrate here. You can dine in one of the restaurants in the area, which are considered the best in the city; and visit art galleries.

Lombard Street, the most famous sloping street in San Francisco

Lombard Street, in the stretch in between Leavenworth and Hyde Street, is something you have to do in San Francisco, California. This street, because of its inclination, has an entire 8 curves, and its total route, people ornament with flowers. It happens that people measure it as one of the most gorgeous streets in the city and the steepest and most famous also.

Yosemite national park from San Francisco, California

There are several places to visit in and around San Francisco, but if you can only stay with one, it must be Yosemite National Park. To be honest, the reason you can end up in San Francisco on your west coast route was that, this is the city with the closest international airport to Yosemite, one of the national parks that you most want to see during your route.

Things to do in San Francisco in one day

Have fun shopping around Union Square

Macy’s, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, and Bulgari are just some of the great luxury brands that you will find in Union Square, the main shopping area of ​​San Francisco, and the best to book a hotel on your visit. Most are located in the buildings that surround the square, on Post and Geary streets, and few stand out as much as Macy’s, which dominates with its presence almost the entire south side of Union Square. As you shop, be sure to admire the surrounding cityscape, especially the pretty Victorian buildings.

Take a ride on the San Francisco funicular

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a fun ride on this historic means of transportation to discover San Francisco from a different point of view. You can choose from three routes, although the two most famous go from Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf. The fame of these two routes is due to the succession of steep ascents that the funicular travels, which offer impressive views of the city. The seats on both sides are facing outwards. If you want to enjoy the best views and contemplate the San Francisco Bay, people recommend it to sit on the east side.

Rest in a cozy Little Italy cafe

Just north of Chinatown is North Beach, better known as Little Italy for its deep Italian roots. Here you will find everything from delicatessens owned by Ligurian families, to bakeries where you can buy focaccias and pizzas, traditional cafes and restaurants with the typical checkered tablecloths, and old bars full of Italian objects. People find some of the best venues on Columbus Avenue or the stretch of Grant Avenue within the neighborhood. If you go up the steep Filbert Street in the direction of the Coit Tower, you can enjoy beautiful views of the city.


This last tip has nothing to do with traveling to San Francisco but with your attitude when it comes to traveling. Traveling makes you live incredible experiences. You may have been thinking for a long time that you deserve to plan a trip with the special one. Plan and customize your next US trip with Airlines Vacations. The United States is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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