Preventive Orthodontic Dental Treatment: A Detailed Guide

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As an adult, taking care of your dental health is important. And, of course, when you have children, you also need to take care of their oral well-being. This includes attending regular check-ups and cleaning appointments and sometimes considering preventive orthodontic treatment.

So what exactly is preventive orthodontic treatment, and when should you visit an Orthodontic Dentist for this specialised treatment? 

Let’s find out!

What is preventive orthodontic dental treatment? 

Orthodontics is about more than corrective treatments. It also encompasses preventative treatment to prevent bite and alignment issues in the later stages of life. This preventive treatment can give your children the perfect smile they deserve. 

While genetics play a vital role in dental health, there are several other environmental factors that also contribute to the future health of your child’s teeth. For instance, if your dentist notices issues with teeth spacing, they can refer your child for preventative treatment.

During this treatment, a trained Narrabeen Dentist specialising in orthodontics can create space for your child’s future teeth to come through.

Preventive vs. traditional orthodontic care 

What sets preventive orthodontic treatment apart from traditional orthodontics? Traditional orthodontic care usually starts when the alignment or bite issues are already visible or diagnosed. It involves using braces or aligners to correct existing problems. 

Preventive orthodontics, on the other hand, is more like a prophylactic measure. It steps in early to guide your child’s teeth and jaw into their best positions. 

Who requires preventive orthodontics? 

Preventive orthodontic treatment is specifically beneficial for children as they have much more time to grow and develop, allowing adequate time correction during this growth phase.

However, preventive orthodontics isn’t for everyone. It’s important for the child to be assessed by a specialist orthodontist to see if they are a good fit for this type of proactive approach.

Early preventative treatment can prepare them for their permanent teeth and help to significantly reduce orthodontic issues requiring treatments later in life.

Whether you’re going for your child’s orthodontic care or your Dental Implant NSW, ensure to visit a qualified dentist associated with a reputed clinic. 

How do you know if your child requires preventive orthodontic treatment?

So, how do you know if your child will actually benefit from preventive orthodontic care?

Typically, orthodontists will recommend dental screenings around the age of 8 or 9 to understand and determine whether your child might need any preventive treatment or not.

Certain conditions such as inadequate jaw space, crowding or baby/permanent teeth not erupting indicate the requirement for preventive care, and your child might benefit from early treatment.

Signs that indicates your child needs orthodontic dental treatment: 

  • Your child continues to suck their thumb after age five
  • Difficulty with biting or chewing
  • Front teeth crowding 
  • Speech impediments
  • Mouth breathing 
  • Jaw or teeth sticking out
  • Their upper and lower teeth don’t come together correctly
  • Pain when biting
  • Shifting jaws when opening or closing the mouth

Benefits of preventive orthodontic dental treatment

Better oral health 

Misaligned teeth can lead to more serious dental troubles like cavities, gum disease, and jaw pain. Preventive orthodontics may prevent frequent visits to a Narrabeen Dentist to treat dental conditions. 

Cost savings

When you dodge the need for extensive dental work down the line, you’re saving not only the hassle of frequent dental visits but also those hefty bills that can soon become a financial burden. 

Time savings and better quality of life

Plus, less time spent in the dental chair means fewer missed school days and more time spent on things that your children love, like beach days. 

Types of orthodontic dental treatment

Space Maintainers

These clever contraptions do exactly what their name suggests – they maintain space! When your child loses a baby tooth too soon, the Orthodontic Dentist can recommend a space maintainer steps in to save the day. They make sure those gaps don’t lead to overcrowding later on.


If your child’s upper jaw looks a bit too cosy, expanders come to the rescue. They gently push your jaw to open up a bit more, creating space for those incoming teeth. It’s like giving your child’s smile a little breathing room.  

Importance of regular dental checkups 

Early detection of dental issues

Dental visits to a Narrabeen Dentist aren’t just about giving your teeth a quick examination. During these checkups, dental experts can spot issues that might be hiding beneath the surface. 

Less complex procedures

When your dentist or orthodontist catches these issues early, they can take action with more effective preventive measures.

Instead of addressing a complex dental problem down the line, your child will require simple treatments. Early detection can save your child from the hassle of extensive treatment. 

Frequently asked questions  

Will I need to wear traditional braces or aligners for preventive treatment?

Not necessarily. Preventive orthodontics often uses less visible techniques like dental spacers or expanders. 

How do I know if my child needs preventive orthodontic treatment?

Keep an eye out for signs like early tooth loss, thumb-sucking habits, or difficulty chewing. Schedule a consultation with a reputed Orthodontic Dentist to diagnose any early signs of jaw or teeth misalignment. 

Is preventive orthodontic treatment expensive?

The cost of preventive orthodontic dental treatment can vary. However, investing in prevention can save you from more extensive and costly dental work later. 

How long does preventive orthodontic treatment take?

The duration varies based on individual needs. Some treatments may last a few months, while others could take longer. Your dentist will give you an idea about the timeline during the initial consultation session.  

Can my child still enjoy their favourite snacks with preventive orthodontic treatment?

Your orthodontic dentist will guide you on what’s safe for your child to munch on and what to avoid.

Wrapping up

What are you waiting for? Visit the nearest orthodontic dentist today to diagnose any dental problems and fix them as soon as possible. Your child deserves a healthy, white and beautiful smile. Ensure to inculcate a habit of visiting a dentist for dental checkups every 6 months. 


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