Remote Spy App for Employees to Monitor Their Activities

employee spy app

Are you looking for a spy app for employees to remotely supervise their digital activities? There are scores of mobile phone tracking apps that are particularly designed for employers to remotely track digital devices of the workforce. The employee surveillance apps like TheOneSpy enable employers to closely watch out almost every activity of employees performed inside and outside the workplace. The high-tech spy app for employees tracks company-owned mobile phones and computer devices to keep a record of every activity performed on these digital devices. Read on to know how this software helps to monitor the performance of workforces during and beyond working hours.

employee spy app

Spy App for Employees Monitoring

Employee monitoring is an important aspect because it has a direct influence on the profitability of a business. The companies that do not supervise their workers are likely to face productivity loss. The unsupervised employees kill their working hours doing unnecessary acts such as using mobile phones, streaming social media, video, music and shopping sites.

The employee monitoring software of TheOneSpy parental control app enables employers to keep tabs on the digital behavior of workers. It lets them know how their workers use mobile phones, computers, and the internet. The software tracks the productivity of the workers and boosts their efficiency by preventing them from unnecessary activities.

How does Spy App for Employees Work

The employee tracking software enables employers to remotely monitor and control mobile phone and computer devices. Once you install the app on company-owned digital devices, you can closely monitor every activity performed on these devices. The web-based control panel of the tracking app lets you send a command to targeted mobile phones and computer devices to make them perform particular actions.

Core Features of Remote Spy App for Employees

The employee tracking software offers a wide range of features ranging from live screen recording to social media monitoring and surrounds recording. We have discussed here the most important features of the employee spy app for cell phones and computers.

Live Screen Recording

The screen recording features of employee tracker software lets you watch out almost every activity performed on company-owned cell phones and computer devices. If you are doubtful about the activities of a certain worker, you can send a command to their monitored smartphone or computer for capturing all activities in the form of short videos or screenshots. It lets you see what the target types, reads, scrolls or searches on the monitored digital device in real-time.

Surround Monitoring

The employee surveillance software lets you keep an eye on the surroundings of workers. This feature performs the function of a surveillance camera that keeps a secret eye on every worker inside the workplace. The camera and microphone of monitored devices can be turned on to see and listen to the surrounding events and noises.

Call Recording

If you are managing a contact center, you can keep tabs on the phone calls of your workers. The software records all inbound and outbound phone calls made through monitored digital devices. The end-user of the software can listen to these calls and evaluate them through the web portal of TOS. The contact numbers of callers and recipients can also be accessed for further assessment.

SMS Tracking

The monitoring software lets you supervise the communication of your workers. You can read messages exchanged between workers and customers directly from the online portal. Moreover, the secret tracker app allows accessing MMS, instant messages and social media chats without having employees’ mobile phones into custody.

Find GPS Location

The surveillance software lets you keep your traveling workers under supervision. You can keep an eye on employees working outside the office premises with the help of this high-tech software. It shows the current GPS location of every worker and provides detail of every tour made by them.

Access Browsing History

The spy app for employees provides access to the internet browsing history of employees’ digital devices. It includes browsing history and bookmarks of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Compatible Devices

The surveillance software is compatible with mobile phones and computers running different operating systems. It supports Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Motorola and many other smartphones running Android OS 5+. The computer monitoring software is compatible with Dell, Acer, HP, LG and Samsung computers running Windows OS 7+. It also supports MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air running macOS version 10.5+. Click here to check out the list of compatible devices.

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