How to Determine the Best Infrastructure School in Jaipur

school in jaipur

Any building can be a school but if there are no basic facilities then no student would like to come to their and study because if there is no basic facility, then you cannot get the adequate knowledge and if in any school that doesn’t provide proper education then what is the use of that school. That school in Jaipur may have a big name, but if any school doesn’t provide basic amenities for students, then the name of the school and school infrastructure both are worthless. How a person can select that this is the best English medium school in Jaipur is best for their wards.

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Let’s find out what are the necessary facilities that a school must provide according to the upgrading need of the society:-

  • School Building

School building should not be just a building with a classroom. Still, it should have proper segregation of classes, and the classes should have all the necessary facilities like the table, chair, fans, blackboard, etc., which helps the teacher to teach easily and students to learn to form it quickly. The school building must be adequately clean and should be hygienic for students. It should also have 2-3 washrooms and a water place inside the building and that to clean.

  • Classroom

It shouldn’t be just a place where students can come and sit and start studying. It should be a place where a student can adequately sit and have a proper space for their books and copies on the table. It should also have adequate space for air to pass and light to come. It should also have a blackboard or a whiteboard so that teachers can easily teach if needed then use the board for it. The wall should be properly painted so that the classroom environment show be healthy and happy.

  • Playground

The playgrounds are as important as classrooms because learning can be done outside the classroom. There is a lot to learn outside class, like how to defend your problems, how to make the team, how to lead a team, and many other things that you can’t learn inside the classroom but outside the classroom. As there are facilities that are needed inside the classroom some facilities are required on the playground too like the proper surfacing of the ground and for small kids, there should be small games, and for big kids, there should be equipment that they can play and reduce all their stress for a while. 

  • Smart Class Room

Like our country is developing, our education system should also upgrade, and the upgrade is a smart classroom. By this teacher get a smart and easy way so they can teach students and students can learn easily and solve more and more of their douth then and there. Smart classes help in a way that you can zoom in and out of the data, and you can use recent data and statistics, so the students know the daily updates.

  • Subject wise Labs

Schools should have proper labs so that what students learn theoretically in the classroom they can perform practically in the labs. So the students can get proper knowledge about the topic like computer labs, physic lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, etc., which should be there in school to get each student can perform their practical douth and clear it then and there.

  • Library

The library plays an important role in students as well as a teacher’s life. The library shouldn’t be that place where only course-related books, there should be other books like novels, encyclopedias, some history books and some other books that should enrich student’s knowledge. It should be in an area of the school where the environment is quiet and calm with a soothing atmosphere for students to concentrate better.

  • Activity Rooms

Schools should have activity rooms where students can feel free and create something new with their knowledge and make count by naming their experience. The activity room should have some gadgets or some material so that it helps students in what they want to create. Activity rooms can be an art room, dance room, music room, or rooms where the students are free to do all kinds of experiments.

  • Transportation Facilities

Schools should own some busses or cabs, which make it students easy to come to school at the right time and reach home safely. Busses should have highly trained drivers and conductors in all their busses or cabs. For small kids in their busses and cabs, there should be an extra maid or attendant, so there can be extra care for small kids.

  • Safety and Securities

Safety and security should be the priority of the school administration. There should be proper safety measures taken by schools, which can be CCTV cameras in the whole school, and there should be security guards on every entry and exit gate on the school, there should be fire fighting types of equipment, there should be smoke detectors and other safety equipment.

These were nine important points that should be in every school infrastructure so that every student can take advantage of it. These facilities are counted in the basic infrastructure for any school in Jaipur according to the growing needs of the society. Many schools in Jaipur have these facilities in their school, and many don’t have so when you are selecting a school for your kids, then keep these points in your mind and select the best school for them.

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