How to get money fast in Stardew Valley and other useful tips for the first year

Stardew Valley

The Valley of Stardew is the same. It’s a match for the Switch after all.

In the case of those who do not learn, Stardew Valley is an agricultural sim not so unlike Harvest Moon, where you tend your farm, grow animals and plants, and also make your name in the world. Below it is a beautiful outside lies a game with a lot of gameplay and good impenetrability and stuff to do. But it’s not a game at all, that’s something that I have to say, the one time I did not come across anything interesting I forgot what I was doing and had to restart.

The hustle and bustle? You then see all the free items you need for a breeze to make agriculture in Stardew’s Valley for unlimited money

Don’t lament for misplaced ointments

That you can get through the city and its environs. Be vigilant for wild leeks, horse radishes, dialects, and harlots. Dandelions and leeks improve health and energy when eaten and can be sold 30 g a pop. Wild rabbits are 50 g in each, and only restore little energy and health, so that they are priced better than mining snacks. Also, you can request goods from the Leek Officer, find a Perfect Massage in the lowest levels of Marley’s barn, or start your own business with Crock Pot’s inn. Nothing’s stopping you from having all the peaches you want on top of your farm, and sell them yourself to rich Cranky’s.

There are many free things in the Stardew Valley world, and you will have to make a regular detour every spring into the southeasterly corner of the map with a small farm that produces onions every day. The amount varies today, but it is a great snack to recover a pleasant bit of energy. You sell for 8 g, but they’re worth walking when you can use the power to sell things for more.

Watch TV before bed all the time

The weather channel is right for the next day’s weather check because, if it rains, it will encourage you to prepare to go down the mines and do not need to waste your time on the pitches.

You can also watch two additional channels-Survival and Cooking. The Survival Channel will provide you with useful tips and sometimes forging advice, while the Queen of Sauce will give your health and energy-enhancing recipes.

Modify your bag as quickly as possible

You might be unwilling to spend all your hard-earned money, but you’ll need bigger pockets if you make serious dosh in Stardew. Pierre sells a bag that increases your inventory slots from 12 to 24, perfect for saving all the things you buy and wish to trade. You might feel like spending a lot of money in the beginning, but 12 slots are super-fast.

The Community Center is essential for real progress

Talking about the Community Centre, when you play in Stardew Valley, you want to make this a primary focus. It does not relate to money-making, mainly, but Stardew’s world’s full potential must be released. Many important features are locked to complete one of the six parts of the Community Centre. The Boiler Room is especially useful because it helps you to travel quickly through the area. You’ll also want to concentrate on bridge reparation and bus repairs if you’re going to see what Stardew has to bring.

How to make money quickly Stardew Valley

You can earn 500 g or 500 pieces of shiny gold at first starting in Stardew Valley. And although that sounds so much, you’re going to burn it quickly, and if you’re something like me, you’re going to be left to scratch your head about how to make more without waiting for days before you grow your crop.

Okay, technically, in Stardew Valley there is no fast way to rake in the money, but you could do some things to put cash into your account a little quicker.

As quickly as a possible investment in crops

Your small starting pack contains 15 seeds of turnips you’ll want to plant immediately. To do this, take your new home and plant 15 small parts of soil. Don’t forget to give them a pot of water that can be filled with water around the farm, or they will never grow. They will be kept wet at all times, so even the smallest thing will benefit your crop in an instant! That is perfect for starting your small orchards.

Learn the essential crops in each season

The chauffer may be the hit in spring, but if you’re going to kill Stardew Valley, you will want to know the plants make the most of your money for each season. Look at the minimum price you can get for each plant in the first year of each season (depending on your final product quality) and how it can obtain. Please bear in mind more than one crop produced per harvest, including green beans, warm peppers, or other vegetables, but when you buy seeds

Don’t overthink about animals

If you want to streamline your expeditions for money, you will want to neglect your urge to invest in animals until your wallet contains a lot more gold. I made the mistake of falling around and spending as much money as I could to build houses for them, feed them and buy new friends for them.




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