The Road to Becoming a Teacher in the UAE is a Tricky One

test for teachers

The Road to Becoming a Teacher in the UAE is a Tricky One

Being a teacher in the UAE comes with a lot of perks. Starting from a high paygrade, an accommodation fully covered for by the government and a round about ticket to and from your home country. The UAE government might be the only government that truly values its teachers and what they do. Their appreciation for teachers can be seen in the plethora of benefits provided to the teachers. The only thing they ask for in return is a quality education for their future leaders.

test for teachers

Testing teachers in UAE

To ascertain the quality of education students are provided by their teachers, the government has set up a few hurdles that one needs to jump through to enter the luxurious lifestyle of a teacher.

  • Firstly, all the teachers in the UAE must appear and ace in the exam supervised by the teacher licensing system. The Teacher Licensing System was propelled in accordance with the vision of the UAE so as to build up and economy of learned professionals and to safeguard a high caliber of education alongside the best guidelines of training.
  • Secondly, any teacher that applies for a teacher’s license under the TLS needs to ace two portions of the exam, namely Educational practices test and the subject specialization exam. Educational practices test consists of a pedagogy test for teachers in UAE whereas the subject specialization exam deals with ensuring that the teacher has a complete grip over what they teach.
  • Lastly, if you fail those exams, don’t worry! You’ll be given two more chances to ace them. However, you’ll need to enroll in a training program that is specifically tailored to cater to your unique needs and weak points.

Minimum Requirements to be a teacher in the UAE

So as to practice being an educator in the UAE, the candidate must have a base capability of a four year certification or a 4-year college degree or higher in the necessary field. This standard applies for open/government schools just as non-public schools in the UAE. Different conditions include:

  • a criminal leeway records
  • a clinical proof of good health from the UAE
  • valid educational certificates that must be attested

bore witness to authentications in the event that the teacher has moved on from a college outside the UAE; the testament must be validated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the nation’s government office in the UAE. On the off chance that you need to go after a showing job at one of UAE government schools, you need to do this through the Ministry of Education’s activity entryway. On the off chance that you need to apply to a tuition based school, you need to move toward the school organization itself. The school will at that point pass on your educational papers to Ministry of Education in the northern emirates or to KHDA in Dubai for tests required and last endorsement. Division of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi has committed open help places in its instructive workplaces to get instructors’ applications and procedure arrangements through schools enrolled in Abu Dhabi.

Now maybe some of you would be irked by the scrutiny on teachers by the government. I would like you all to realize that teaching is not something that is done in all good fun. I teacher has the power to shape the future by shaping his or her students. This responsibility is a heavy one, but if we bring up our future in the wrong way or not fully equipped for the future, that is a future that I don’t want to be a witness to.

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