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Go To Church Leave Me Alone

Rod and Karen discuss reviews about the how the media influences art criticism, how it overreacts to Pelosi, Meek Mill vs Nicki Minaj, J-Lo talks about her halftime post, Oscar vote diversity, and daycare worker shot.

 Wendy Williams goes in on the Carters, and Cosmo has to take the cover, police union furious at Super Bowl PSA, Penis Man caught, the man calls to police about his hoodie.

 89 Clean Does Breastfeeding REALLY Cause Constipation? Kelly was on the hunt for chugging watermelon juice with her tween & little kid but she’s having a tough time finding anything fitting for the girls

Later With Leon

Rod and Karen address unprecedented sanctions for the marriage of Black women. Everyone saw A Drop of Grace. Iowa caucus fails; Christian Siriano on the inclusiveness of the scale; Chipotle sues for violating child labor laws. Grammy Awards for breaking news; women put the vibrator on the bladder,Soulja Boy sued, Kelis said Neptunes robbed her writing, Bellie Eilish lying on rappers, Fox Soul, discriminatory crossdressing

Anything for Bernie

Rod and Karen are talking about adjusting your creative vision, Bernie Sanders news, Tyler Perry, DeAndre Arnold, Diddy are calling for Grammy Awards, and HS student is setting up a man for robbery.

 A Woman is calling for mugshot used on Facebook by police, a rapper convicted of killing his mother and ratchets of the Sword.

Trying To Help

Rod and Karen talk about White nationalist politics, the response to the death of Kobe Bryant, Lena Waithe, Terry Crews apologizing to the Gabby Union, TI apologizes to his parents, Monique Pressley and David Schwimmer, PETA commercial and Sword ratchetness. Horrendous education.

Mamba Out

Rod, Justin and Karen speak about Kobe’s and Gianna Bryant’s passing away and people’s comments and Kobe’s favourite memories. The boys also address what it’s like to be surrounded by one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Late Bitches

Rod, Justin and Karen will be talking to Terry Crews, new loud-played neighbours, Karen’s new work schedule, Charlotte food show, YMCA Basketball, Don’t Fuck With Cats and Pre Game News.

Finally, the Tour Bus Rides Again This Friday

 Justin and Karen will be talking to Brandon McDonald and Frank Deford who will be riding in a new truck on Friday. Who knows what’s on it.

Walking Sharkaganda

Rod, Karen, Aaron, Kriss, and Bacon discuss hearers reviews, movies, Star Wars Rebels sequel, Death Note Revival mangas, egg-eating Watchman season 2, Knives Out Sequel, The Defender, Christian Bale joining Thor, Planet Of Nerds, astronaut believes in aliens, Xbox Game Pass, PhDXbox Game Pass, Doctor Strange sequel loses director, Binti, 007 genders, Taika Star Wars, Apex Legends player plugs into an airport terminal, GTA 5, National Treasure 3, Azaria no longer executes Apu voice, Skyrim composer accused of sexual assault, Terror, Clearview App, Batwoman is gay, MODOK, Birds Of Prey advertising, Captain Marvel 2, Sonic movie, Obi-Wan show, Blade Runner 2, Talking sharks, Asian

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