The Whole Guide to Diamond Engagement Rings


Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond rings come in a variety of designs to suit all tastes. The only “problem” when buying a diamond engagement ring is perhaps – given the huge selection of styles – choosing the ring that suits you best.

But that is certainly a “problem” that several people envy.

Below is a guide to the most popular types of diamond engagement rings, with a brief description of each. We hope this will make your choice a little easier.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire engagement rings are an elegant classic made of a ring band and a solitaire diamond. A solitaire ring symbolizes “one” – eternal love for the one woman in your life.

Since a solitaire diamond ring naturally consists of two elements and lives from the interaction of the two, the selection and coordination of both components determine whether the ring looks subtle or noticeable.

For example, a narrower ring can make a smaller diamond appear larger, and a wider ring allows more options in the choice of setting.

The metal of the ring band and the setting of the diamond also play a major role in the effect of a solitaire ring. With a fancy diamond, in particular, the right combination of ring color and the diamond color is the be-all and end-all.

Solitaire diamond rings are suitable for any shape from the diamond family. Solitaire rings are the right choice for people who prefer a simple but elegant look that draws attention to the single stone.

Solitaire Accent (Side Stones) Diamond Engagement Ring

A close relative of the solitaire ring, the engagement ring with a solitaire accent (side stones) is a solitaire ring with side stones that frame the central diamond. The side stones give the center stone a higher luminosity and enrich the look of the diamond ring.

Most diamond shapes can be used as the center stone of a solitaire accent ring. The shapes most commonly used for this, however, are radians, pillows, emeralds, and Asscher, princess, and round cuts.

The shape of the accent stones is aligned with the shape of the center stone in the ring. The most common shapes for side stones are triangle, cone, crescent, and trapezoid. If you want a solitaire ring that attracts a little more attention, a solitaire accent ring is a great solution. Now, this beautiful Solitaire Engagement Ring at Gemistone Jewelers Online store at a very reasonable price with Worldwide Free Shipping!!

 3 Stones Diamond Engagement Ring

Three stone engagement rings consist of a center stone flanked on each side by a diamond of the same shape. The three stones today represent the past, present, and future of a couple’s mutual love. As with the solitaire accent ring, the most popular shape for a center stone of a diamond ring with three stones is a round cut, but many other shapes can also be chosen.

The center stone is usually set in a claw setting or a bezel setting to set the diamond apart from its “partner stones”.

Pave Solitaire Engagement Ring

A pave solitaire diamond ring is a normal solitaire ring, except that the top part of the ring contains melees (small diamonds) that are set in conjunction with small pearls to create an even diamond surface. A pave setting can surround the entire circumference of the ring as a full pave setting or, as a half pave setting, only cover the upper half of the ring.

The pave setting itself can be an “open pave” or a “closed pave”, which determines how much the diamonds are set in the metal. Any color can be chosen for the diamonds in the pave setting, as long as the design allows the color combination.

Border (pave) Diamond Engagement Ring

In the case of a diamond ring with a border, also called “halo” (with pave), the ring band is set with tiny diamonds to give the impression that the band is not made of metal but consists of diamonds.

These diamonds surround the center stone like a halo. Numerous combinations are possible for this type of setting, for example, a shape with a regular upper ring part, but also a shape with a single or even two-way divided upper ring part.

The border can be single, double, or even triple, with all possible color combinations. With a pave ring, you can choose between a full pave and half a pave, depending on whether the diamonds should cover the entire ring band or only half of it.

The trend is towards rings in micro pave, in which the paving stones are so tiny that they look like a single surface and radiate a breath-taking fire.

Edging accent pave Engagement Ring

Diamond rings with a combination of accented secondary stones and a pave setting with a border are called pave rings with a bordered accent.

They can be set with any type of accent stone, such as a cone, triangle, crescent, and trapezoid. However, the accent, the center stone, and the upper part of the ring band are framed with diamonds in a pave setting.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings don’t have to be “Vintage” in the truest sense of the word, i.e. older or even antique, the historical style is all that counts.

Engagement or wedding rings in vintage design, which is often based on classic styles from the beginning of the 20th century to the 1940s, bringing designs from the time of the English King Edward VII, Art Deco, and Milgrain to new life.

Designer Ring for Special Occasions

Designer rings for special occasions speak for themselves. They are anything but subtle and never boring – nothing for people who like to stay in the background.

Often these rings are adorned with colored diamonds that are set in less conventional ways, such as domes, hearts, or even flowers. A designer ring for special occasions is not for the shy and makes you the focus that attracts everyone’s attention.

Eternity Ring

In love, engaged, married – what now?

An eternity ring is set with several identical diamonds over its entire circumference. It symbolizes eternal love and is often given on a special occasion, for example as a gift to a wife when a child is born or on the occasion of a special anniversary.

Depending on whether the diamonds cover the entire ring band or only half, a distinction is made between a full or a half eternity ring.

Wedding sets/ Matching Wedding Rings

A wedding set or marriage set is a set of two rings – an engagement ring and a wedding ring. They are designed so that they can be worn close together and, if desired, can even be soldered together by a jeweler after the wedding. A wedding set can contain an engagement diamond ring and a matching wedding ring. It can be worn together or separately.

Another option is a single or double slip-on ring. The slip-on ring is a wedding ring that is usually set with small diamonds and forms a unit with the engagement ring. The ring with the smaller stones frames the ring with the large stone. The two pieces of jewelry can be soldered together by a jeweler. With an insert wedding ring, the engagement ring can be placed between the two parts of the wedding ring that are connected at the bottom.

When worn together, the set looks more like three rings than two rings. The rings can also be soldered together. Some wedding sets include a matching wedding ring for the husband. This article gives a comprehensive description of the types of diamond rings in fancy colors.

I hope this information is useful in finding your perfect ring and now if you buy this product you can just visit our online store at Gemistone Jewelers with economical price or Free Shipping Services. Remember, your perfect ring is out there waiting for you somewhere.

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