They are Billions Tips

They are billions tips

I first found out they are Billions a few months ago, but even then, I was pleasantly taken aback by several things: the level of polish.

Particularly in the case of a game still in development; the simple but complex rules that guided your colony’s building; and the problem. But all that’s needed to turn a misplaced zombie into a shouting horde of flesh-flavouring maniacs for the most of a colony.

It is quick to become depressed and feel as if the mode of survival of You Are billions is impossible to beat unless you are a StarCraft Veteran or a foolhardy Mutant Keyboard Ninja.

Please use the Pause button

Don’t fear that your space bar will be lost while you pause and prepare your next move. Take this time to look at the timetable to see how long you have left before the next storm. Never leave part of your base unattended, you use the patrol move (the shortcut is P) to protect your units, to make sure that no zombie protects your defences

Apply further exposure to gold production

To beat trillions, you will need billions. For all: units; research; buildings; defences. Gold’s use. You won’t just need a big bank (through warehouses that store gold and resources), but a high rate of revenue that helps you to recover fast.

As gold, treat the land. Moreland gives you more food, and so more homes can build. You will develop early. Save it to a soldier centre when your Rangers see some free area on your map- more units mean that you can own and guard more area.

Thanatos late, Rangers early

Early game tiptoe, but get ready in the new game to rumble. Despite their weak HP and sluggish mixing, zombies look so inoffensive. Right! Right! Lethal death machines will swarm you. Some may fly, some may even spit splash damaging acid, and some may jump over walls.

Planning urban development

You want the very first thing to create depends on your starting position is a Fisherman’s Cottage or a Hunter’s Lodge. You will need food. Follow this by lowering seven tents to maximize the number of workers and also get to the first elections as quickly as possible. Make sure space is left on the Farms green grass.

The buildings of the market and the Bank should be at the center of your housing literally, so prepare from the beginning. The Bank increases the gold production of surrounding buildings, while the economy decreases the food consumption of everything and a big, dense housing district should develop around them.

Maintain the balance of your wealth.

They Are Billions economy based on capital, jobs, food and electricity. For the construction of wood, stone, iron and oil, a second set is then used. The second set of resources is also available. Such goods can be purchased, sold and harvested from mines, sawmills and similar things next to other pieces of the map (once you create it).

Mount your walls twice, still, no matter what, make it thoughtfully.

The game consists of two kinds of walls: wood and stone. The former will do well early enough, but it should be the priority to unblock the stone walls in the tech tree. This update alone doubles the strength of your protection more than once. How can you get them any more significant? Literally, build a second wall. You can create just two walls back-to-back by constructing Billions. If you want to make another collection, you will need to split them more, which depends on the case, often. Walls, particularly those of stones, aren’t inexpensive. At least a little while you’re tempted to skimp when you try to wall in large areas.

Set the priorities of the units.

While we are dealing with the micromanagement of your combat team, it is essential to set its priorities. You can also decide whether they are aiming at the nearest or the most potent enemy besides moving combat units around and being able to set patrols. A mix of various groups that prioritize different things will be needed. Two snipers and two archers are a right, affordable mix for the watchtowers at each point of choke (do you do that right?). You should make sure that you target the snipers to the most dangerous enemies since they have greater reach and cause more damage so that they can get bigger zombies as they advance gradually.

Come to understand the fact that in your first attempt you won’t win a game of They Are Millions. And you are second. Or you are second. And your 10th, maybe. Luckily, the game makes learning from every failure quickly. Did you take too much time to develop? Were you moving too fast before you had ample resources to defend properly? Or perhaps the last wave was your butt kicked because everyone who told you how hard it would be didn’t believe you? That way, stay calm and have a good time.

Don’t be afraid of losing your own homes.

It’s a zombie game, so they’re not just dying as things get killed. The enemy army holds on to them, homes, farms and cameras can become deadly. Therefore, when enemies close too close, the game will not permit you to delete individual units. When zombies are about to get through and destroy it, you will have to think ahead and not be afraid to kill a whole portion of the base. Half of your expended resources returned, and the demolition of buildings may be an excellent chance to improve your base layout.

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