Tips To Protect Your Trees From Diseases & Insect Infestation 

Tree Disease Protection

Tips To Protect Your Trees From Diseases & Insect Infestation

Trees are highly susceptible to different diseases and pest infestation as well, especially those that lack care & maintenance. If you want to sustain the healthy and desired growth of trees, then you should protect them from critters, bugs, and diseases as well.

Tree Disease Protection

Tree Disease Protection

Here, we are going to list down some tips and techniques that will prevent your tree from diseases and insects:

  1. Repelling Insects

The bugs start living on the tree or in their surroundings before they start affecting their structural integrity. They start using this tree as their home. Gradually, they start deteriorating the tree and finally kill it.

Well, you do not need to worry about common house pests such as ants. These pests do not create heavy damage to your trees. On the other hand, some pest feeds on your tree and even infect them.

You should inspect your trees carefully once a month and ensure that there should no noticeable sign of infestation. If you observe any, then spray wash your tree with pressure water.

You can also use pesticides but make sure you use it in a small amount. Some insects and bugs are large and can be pick off by hand. But, you should be careful while doing this.

  1. Do Not Ignore Warning Signs

Experts say that tree usually takes two years to show drought damage signs. So, it will take more years to show pest infestation signs. Therefore, it is very important to keep a check on small warning signals.

When you observe these warning signals, then do not ignore them and immediately call a tree expert to protect your tree from damage. For example, if tree branches are growing as they were expected, then this is a warning signal.

If you have observed browning of leaves near veins, then it indicated dead giveaway. You should never ignore these problems in your tree, and you should immediately call a good tree services provider in your area.

  1. Remove Affected Tree

If you have observed any dying tree in your yard, then you should immediately remove it from the yard. It is so because tree diseases are usually communicable, therefore, they should be uprooted from your yard before they start spreading this disease to other trees. Thus, when you observe any highly affected tree in your yard, then immediately call an arborist.

  1. Take Preventive Steps

We all know that prevention is better than cure, therefore, we should take care of the tree in our yard before they get affected by diseases or insects. The prevention of the tree will result in tree treatment.

There are different types of products available in the market and it will help in the prevention of trees from infection and pests as well. You can use a product like a fungicide to prevent the growth of fungus on your trees.

The fungal infection is the next most common issue for tree diseases, therefore, you should take preventive measures to protect the tree from fungal growth. And, you can use pesticides to keep your trees from bugs and pests.

There are various reasons for pest infestations and you should be aware of them. You should protect trees in your yard and do proper maintenance to ensure their good growth.

  1. Tree Trimming

Doing regular tree trimming will allow natural light to fall over your trees and it also promotes good airflow. But, before start tree trimming, you should wash your trimming tools and equipment with rubbing alcohol so that disease does not spread from one tree to another.

After completion of the trimming task, you should apply oil on the shear to prevent it from corrosion. Clean your yard and remove dead fallen leaves because it can spread diseases in trees.

  1. Proper Watering

It is important to maintain proper watering to ensure the healthy growth of trees. It is very important to prevent your branches from immediately drying up. Dried branches of trees are not just visually displeasing and but they are unsafe as well.

They increase the likelihood of pest infestation and tree diseases. You should add anti-desiccant spray in your daily watering method. This tip will help in maintaining proper hydration in the roots of trees and shrubs as well. This technique is highly beneficial in the hot summer season.

Wrap Up:

Adverse weather can take a toll on trees in your landscape. The preventive measures and proper tree care can help in maintaining healthy tree growth.

The above-mentioned steps will help you in preventing trees from diseases and pest infestation as well. There are various sprays and other products available in the market that can help in the spreading of tree diseases.

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