5 Places To Visit In Mauritius When Touring With Family

5 Places To Visit In Mauritius When Touring With Family

5 Places To Visit In Mauritius When Touring With Family

Holidaying with friends or beloved partner is something we all desire to do. However, spending vacation times with family has its own fun and Mauritius can be the perfect place for having a travel experience worth cherishing. This country is located in East Africa and is renowned for its vibrant beaches, which are often visited by tourists from all over the globe. The interiors of this island nation are surrounded by mountains. These interiors comprise the very famous Black River Gorges National Park. You can also witness some natural wonders like waterfalls and rainforests that are inhabited by awe-inspiring wildlife.

Mauritius is visited by tourists round the year and therefore is considered as a significant tourist destination, possessing 3rd position in the region and 56th position internationally. Travelers often consider taking up Mauritius tour packages for holiday in order to make their experience free of hassle. This place is also suitable for adventurous trips, as there are some amazing hiking trails surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful landscapes.

This island nation was ruled over by the Dutch in 1598 and got abandoned in 1710. However, in a matter of a few years (1715), the country was taken over by the French. The capital of this island nation, Port Louis is one of the places that reminds the people of French influence, which is reflected through the architecture of its buildings.

This capital city is usually visited for the famous Champ de Mars, a horse-racing track and Caudan Waterfront, which offers a lively dining as well as shopping options. Port Louis is also visited by artsy people as well as history lovers who love spending time in Blue Penny Museum that displays the country’s cultural as well as colonial significance.

Places In Mauritius You Must Visit With Your Family     

When planning a fun trip with your family, don’t forget to browse through various Mauritius tour packages for holiday in order to get fun deals as per your preferences. You can consider booking a family package when planning the trip with your folks!

Out of the innumerable places in Mauritius, these few listed below shouldn’t be missed out from your itinerary by hook or crook!

  1. Blue Bay Marine Park

If you and your folks love having a thrilling experience during vacation, then this underwater park is going to be the perfect place! An ideal marine park for water sports like snorkeling, this place brings you closer to the majestic marine life.

Blue Bay is apparently the first marine park of Mauritius. If you are snorkeling for the first time, then fret not because you will be assisted by professionals throughout. When you’ll visit this marine park, you’ll get to be a witness to various kinds of mangroves, algae, seagrasses, etc.

  1. Chamarel Waterfalls

Chamarel is a serene village in the country of Mauritius, which is surrounded picturesque landscapes and natural wonders. However, located in Rivière Noire District, the eastern region of this village shares its area with the district of Savanne. There are various attractive sceneries around here, one of them being the Chamarel Falls.

Chamarel falls are situated amidst an extremely picturesque surroundings. The falls are at a short distance from the Black River National Park and therefore you can explore both the sites in a single visit.

  1. Eureka House

Also known by the name of Maison Eureka, this place was constructed in the year 1830 and is one of the significant tourist attractions in Mauritius. This place is ideal for those who are lovers of history, as it used to be a residence to the English and French colonialists and has now been converted to a museum.

  1. Mauritius National Botanical Garden

If you are looking for peaceful place where you can enjoy watching beautiful flora and rich foliage, then Mauritius National Botanical Garden is the best place for you! Having a vast area, this place comprises more than 650 species of plants.

This once used to be a private garden owned by a French governor. Here, you’ll get to see various types of medicinal plants as well! This place is quite famous is included in most of the Mauritius tour packages for holiday.

  1. Trou Aux Biches

For all the beach babies out there, this one’s for you! This place will feel like an ideal getaway from hustle-bustle of city life. The soft sand, sea, and sun will make you never want to leave this place. Foodies will enjoy this place too, as there are many food stalls and cafes that can found here!

These are literally just a handful of places that you can visit with your family when exploring Mauritius and should include in your list of places to visit. Choosing one of the Mauritius tour packages for holiday can be helpful for you to enjoy your vacay without any hassle!



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