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Silver Lake Dunes Park

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Decades of prevailing winds west of Lake Michigan have transformed a series of dunes overlooking Lake Michigan into 2,000 acres of luxurious rolling (living) dunes along the four miles of Lake Michigan’s coastline. Do what millions of people have been doing for decades, come to Silver Lake Sand Dunes for the fun and come back for generations.

Silver Lake State Park

Silver Lake State Park is unique on 450 acres dedicated to quads, with access to Silver Lake and Lake Michigan as a bonus. The 107-foot Little Sable Point Lighthouse is located in Silver Lake State Park and is open for tours from late May through late September. Rolling sand dunes, camping, hiking, fishing, and many acres of forest make the park a vacation paradise.

ORV: Ride your own dunes at Silver Lake Dunes

You can walk in the dunes from April 1 to October 31. Silver Lake Sand Dunes In Michigan State Park is one of the few areas in the country where visitors can walk the dunes for free. For generations, the nationally acclaimed Silver Lake Sand dune has provided families with exciting memories of riding, biking, and hiking these beautiful desert dunes! Jeep tours, water sports rentals, golf, horseback riding, mini-golf, bumpers and go-kart tracks are some of the attractions at Silver Lake Sand Dunes In Michigan.

Other parks and beaches on Silver Lake

In addition to Silver Lake State Park, there are other parks in the area worth visiting. Your vacation won’t be complete without visiting Lake Michigan and the many beaches around Silver Lake.

Famous Places near Silver Lake Sand Dunes

The Hart Montague paved bike path is 22.5 miles on 225 acres between Hart and Montague. The locals, which opened in 1991, purchased old railway lanes for sidewalks and donated most of them to the government. Visit the historic heart district and stay away from the hustle and bustle of today. Visit a 19th century church that houses the abundant ‘Seymour Rider Collection of Indian Relics’ in the basement.

Festivals and Events at Silver Lake Sand Dunes In Michigan

Silver Lake is the place you’ve always wanted any time of the year. We have a list of events in our area in the history of festivals and events so you can see at a glance what is happening and when. You can access event details by visiting the event calendar page and selecting a specific month. Fun things always happen, no matter the season. Never get tired of Silver Lake!

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