What is Counselling and How Many Types are there?


Counseling is seen as a kind of therapy that helps individuals working in an organization or students in school to overcome their problems. People have emotions and feelings, which can be overwhelming sometimes leading to a loss of confidence. 

As a result, these feelings harm the quality of their life. However, counseling seeks to resolve this negativity to help people gain back their lost confidence. Hence, counseling refers to a process of helping people face their challenges in an attempt to overcome them.

The skilled professionals who carry out the counseling process are referred to as counselors or therapists. Also, there are different types of counselors who are trained in a specific niche. They go through years of research and study to become professionals in a specific niche. 

Counselors can be found virtually everywhere starting from schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, workplaces, and so on. Also, some of them maintain a private venture where they practice as sole owners. 

Various Types of Counselling 

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Counseling is divided into various fields, in an attempt to resolve the issues of individuals who work or school in different environments as we mentioned earlier. As a result, people find it easy to choose a counselor that can meet their specific problem. 

Even more, it assures the individual that the counselor is a specialist in his or her chosen niche. Below are the different types of counseling: 

  1. Marriage and Family Counselling 

A lot of people encounter several issues in their marriages and as a family, hence makes it difficult to cope with their life. Counseling is essential for marriages and families who are encountering issues to avoid constant fights with their partners or family managers. 

Counselors use their expertise to prescribe resolutions that will help partners as well as family members overcome their problems and live in unity. 

  1. Educational Counselling 

So many students who just graduated from school are often clueless as to which career path to choose, hence, they’ll all need the guidance of a counselor to help them decide on their career path. 

Education counselors hold seminars, conferences, orientations, and private services to discuss various career paths, and offer solutions according to their client’s area of interest. 

  1. Rehabilitation Counselling 

Rehabilitation counseling is a type of counseling that is targeted to individuals struggling with addiction, emotional issues, and physical disabilities. They teach these individuals ways they can live independently, do away with their addiction, gain employment or be business owners even with their disabilities, and so on. 

These counselors pay keen interest to their clients to evaluate their strengths as well as limitations and assist them with the best solution available. 

  1. Mental Health Counselling 

Recently, mental illnesses have become common, which is why awareness campaigns are held to enable people to easily and quickly identify the symptoms of it and visit a mental health counselor for possible resolution. 

The counseling provided here helps individuals to deal with issues that affect their mental health as well as well-being. 

Some of the common types of mental health include depression, bipolar disorder, low-self esteem, and so on. The counselor focuses on each individual’s issue for a possible resolution for these clients to live healthier lives. 


All these types of counseling are essential to the general well-being of people. It helps individuals to find a resolution to their problems in an attempt to live healthier and happier. 

We advise that you shouldn’t feel ashamed of taking counseling sessions if the need arises, as it will not just help you resolve any issue you might be passing through, but will aid your growth as an individual. Also, counseling is essential as it helps to save lives.  

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