Which software is best for designing custom folding gift boxes?



The competition in the field of packaging has become hard, and all the packaging companies are striving to devise new strategies for surviving in the race. They have to develop new and innovative designs. They have to introduce classy graphics, sparkling colors, enticing drawings, and exclusive shapes of the boxes. Folding boxes can be developed with the help of software. Many kinds of designing software are available. They have variable features and values. They have different strengths and weaknesses. In this era of technological advancement, you should understand the value of software. Following are different kinds of packaging software. Different manufacturers are using them for designing custom folding gift boxes. 

Artois CAD

Artois CAD is one of the important packaging design software. It is suitable for designing cardboard and corrugated boxes. It possesses a large library of standard FEFCO and ECMA die-cuts. It is a complete designing solution that helps to produce various die-cut templates. It also allows the packaging manufacturers to produce print-ready layouts of packaging and 3-D models. Esko, a software house, is providing a large number of plugins. These plugins can interface with the Adobe suite software. During the phase of 2D designs, the users can have access to a large series of automated tools. These tools facilitate the designers to speed up their productivity. There is an automatic drafting option that helps to perform some steps of alignment. This feature reduces the construction work of the operator. This software has come up with various technical and automated features to facilitate the process of designing packaging. You have to pay for installing its updates.


Due to increased competition and rivalry in the field of packaging, it has become difficult to develop an innovative and robust packaging design. All the packaging companies are struggling hard and working tirelessly to stand out among their competitors. The software is helping them to design beautiful and classy product boxes. Impact by Arden software has come up to help the designers to develop modern folding cartons according to the desires of the clients. This software is a complete package for designing amazing product boxes. You can make use of this software for designing packaging layouts, print-ready displayers, and 3D models of boxes. It has a very important and robust feature that allows you to compare your box design with your competitors. You can realize a 3D representation of the packaging set in virtual shops for comparing your packaging design. It also possesses a special function for die-cut producers named as “die-making function.”


We know that there is competition in each field, and similar is the case with the development of software. Many software houses are working to meet the needs of various industries. They understand the needs of their clients and try to develop software that can help them solve their problems or facilitate them. A British software house has developed an innovative software package named “Kasemake.” It can conceive for displayers and packaging design according to ECMA, FEFCO, and FSDUs. By using this software, you can import Illustrator or AutoCAD files. A module also comes with it, for which you have to pay separately. This module helps to manage the workflows. This feature optimizes and improves the organization between the design team and the sales team. For example, a salesman can load the essential information required for a particular project. The project manager can assign the task to a relevant designer and supervise the progress of the work.


EngView Packaging Designer Suite

Another software for designing attractive packaging is “EngView Packaging Designer Suite.” This software consists of a library of parameterized die-cuts for both corrugated and folding cartons. It also consists of a series of complex structural elements for coated product boxes. It possesses a plugin that allows designers to make use of graphics. It uses the graphics produced with Adobe Illustrator. It is possible by using this software to create three-dimensional preview images with the help of a 3D module. It allows the addition of a series of finishing effects such as bas-reliefs, hot stamping, etc. They can help to produce an even more realistic impression. This software offers variable suites from the basic suites to the advanced suites. They are ideal for the production of die-cut templates. It also allows the creation of print-ready packaging layouts. Many companies are using this software for the production of high-quality folding packaging solutions.



Previously, people used paper and pencil for creating designs. The technological advancements and innovation in the field of information technology have revolutionized the way of doing various tasks. Various software houses are developing software for meeting the needs of different businesses. Software has become an essential requirement of all businesses. The packaging industry is also making use of software for designing and production of packaging layouts. Packmage is also a packaging software package. It helps for the creation of 3D models, nesting, and structural designs. It is specifically designed to manage various kinds of corrugated cardboard. It helps to add custom materials. It consists of a standard library of templates. These templates are editable and ready to use. You can also import beautiful and important models from AutoCAD. It possesses 3D functionality, which can help you add and apply graphics to your 3D model. This software also has various important applications in the packaging industry.


We have described different software for the development of different packaging layouts. They have different strengths and weaknesses. They have variable prices. You should use software for the production of print-ready structural elements. When you are looking for the perfect software for designing Folding boxes, you may consider any one of the above-mentioned software. Impact software is the best one because it can help you compare the design of your product box with your competitors. It can help you find the best design for outperforming in the market.


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