Which Vape Device Will Give Me Magical Clouds?


Did you just come back from your friend’s party, where everyone was busy creating foggy, mesmerising clouds and o rings with the vape devices? Are you still thinking about how did they create such giant vapours? Which vape gadget were they using? Relax and take a deep breath! You will get the answers here in the blog. A vape kit that is used to produce dense clouds is referred to as a sub-ohm advance kit. 

VG Gives You Clouds Of Your Dream:

Creating O rings or producing magical vapour clouds is not as hard as it might seem. And you can also achieve that with just a little vape knowledge. A vape device generally works by heating the e-juice through a coil. The e-liquid or e-juice consists of the following ingredients:

  1. Propylene Glycol: (Carries the flavour, is tasteless, thin and offers perfect throat hit)
  2. Vegetable Glycerine:(Sweet in taste, viscous, and help produce magical clouds)
  3. Nicotine Salt: (Added in the vape juice so that a smoking quitter can overcome their craving. Voopoo Argus Pro is a perfect pod kit for those looking for a switch. It contains nic salt e-liquid.) 
  4. Flavours: (Enhance overall e-liquid taste)

Vape Kits For Cloud Chasing:

Vegetable glycerine(VG) is the ingredient of the vape liquid that is responsible for creating huge clouds. The higher the VG in a vape kit, the more clouds will be produced. High VG e-liquids are generally utilised by sub-ohm vape kits or DTL devices.

Sub-ohm vape devices or DTL(Direct To Lung) kits contain coils that have resistance levels below 0ohm. Lower resistance coils heat the thick VG more effectively and helps create dense-quality clouds.  Since their resistance is below 0hm, they allow more current to flow. VG has a thick consistency, and it needs more power to evaporate. 

Pod Kits And Sub Ohm Kits:

Sub-ohm vape kits are comparatively larger in size than other pod kits. Voopoo Argus Pro is an incredible pod kit that contains GENE.TT chip. It has a super amazing battery life with an output range of 80W. If you are not interested in cloud chasing, then the kit is just right for you. 

There are several vape kits that give you good-quality cloud production. They contain sub-ohm tanks and are compatible with sub-ohm coils. Sub-ohm vape devices require more attention and care than pod kits like Voopoo Argus XT and Voopoo Argus Pro. Besides, sub-ohm vape kits have complex menu settings and buttons. It would be hard for you to set the temperature and wattage of these kits if you had never used a vape device before.

Summing Up:

A Direct-to-lung or a sub-ohm vape kit will give you the clouds of your dreams. These devices are specifically designed to give vapers a wonderful experience. They are not much complicated, and you can operate them with little knowledge.  Make sure to do thorough research on vapes before using them. Once you have completed your research and you understand what device you need, it will be easy for you to decide. 

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