Why Good SEO Firms Don’t Offer Guaranteed Results

Why Good SEO Firms Don't Offer Guaranteed Results

Whenever you receive an email regarding the guaranteed results of something, you trust it blindly without investigating. You may not notice whether it is a scam or is true. Today, there are many SEO firms that are competing for the same keywords and providing you with efficient results. But these firms do not offer you guaranteed results.

Here are some why good SEO firms do not offer people guaranteed results:

Bad History

Due to having a bad history of guaranteed SEO firms, today such firms do not offer guaranteed outcomes. In history, there were a lot of SEO scammers that have resulted in tainting the industry. It has also affected the trust of the owners of the businesses.

You should know about the market history to know why today the SEO firms do not provide guaranteed SEO ranking and why you should avoid it. Till 1996, people have been facing scams from different SEO organizations regarding guaranteed outcomes. You must be aware the term “guaranteed rankings” is used by scammers, not by good SEO firms.

Rule of Search Engines

It is a rule of search engines for SEO companies not to offer guaranteed outcomes to the people. You can also consider it as a warning from the search engines. No firm is allowed to offer a guarantee in order to get SEO. It is a shame for the firms if the word “Guarantee” appears on their website in red color and huge font.

The SEO firms that are offering you guaranteed results may not be aware of the warning by the Search Engines or are scams. It means that such firms may not be aligned with the SEO preferences of Google or other Search Engines. It will greatly affect the good ranking of your website.

Unstable Rankings

No doubt, the rankings are unstable and uncontrollable. The firms can only provide guarantees on those services that are under the control of the firms. For example, the courier service providers can provide you a guarantee of their services. They also guarantee you that you will receive your parcel without any damage.

The case of SEO rankings is different. The firms do not have control over the rankings and the outcomes. That’s why they can not guarantee the outcomes of their SEO services. No doubt, a good SEO firm can assure you to increase the current search rank of your website. But it does not have control over the process that is undergoing in search indexing.

Poor Metric

The reason behind not offering a guarantee on the results in SEO firms is that rankings are considered a very poor metric to enhance the overall performance. A website should focus on other factors to get a higher ranking in the Search Engines instead of using the metric of offering guaranteed services.

The SEO campaign must be measured by the fact that how much traffic has been generated through the Search Engines. You must also consider the quality of the traffic in the KPI assessment.

Ethical Problems

Offering guaranteed results may result in ethical problems. That’s why good SEO firms do not offer guaranteed outcomes. The reputation of the SEO company is affected if something goes wrong and is against the offered guarantee.

People think that the promises made by such a company are not fulfilled by it. They may also share it with other people that could result in decreasing the number of customers of such a firm. So, good companies do not offer guaranteed outcomes because they do not control what is showing up on the results pages.


There are some reasons why good SEO firms do not provide you with guaranteed results. It does not mean that they provide you poor quality services. The reason is that the rankings are not controllable. So, the offering guarantee on uncontrollable services is ridiculous. 

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