Why Should you Learn AWS?

Why Should you learn AWS?

It is becoming increasingly important to understand cloud computing in the IT world. In today’s IT world, the only certainty is that it’s never too late to take advantage of the cloud. Cloud computing will only become more important for IT and businesses in general, increasing demand for cloud capabilities.

Learning AWS has the following benefits:

AWS capabilities have ranked among the most demanded skills since 2015:

The need for cloud and data specialists is likely to continue despite the complexity of commercial software platforms (and the increasing need for cloud and data specialists). Tech professionals who acquire cloud-related skills are sure to boost their careers. 

Employers should expect to continue paying top prices for expertise in increasingly pervasive technology.” – said Bob Melk, president of Dice.

If one wishes to follow the wind in the same direction as it blows, one must know which way the wind blows. Currently, the wind is blowing into the AWS cloud. 

AWS is experiencing a major skills shortage among organizations, according to Google trends. Taking this route will allow you to land a lucrative job. 

There is a significant demand for professionals who can demonstrate their skills with over 350,000 cloud job openings. Employers rate AWS skills as one of the most desired skills.

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AWS jobs pay a wide range of salaries:

AWS jobs offer a wide range of salaries. Candidates with an AWS certification can expect to earn a good salary. AWS certified solution architects earn an average salary of $121,292, which is more than $13,000 more than the average compensation for the top 15 IT certified specialists. 

San Francisco, Washington, and Boston, such as the finest zones, offer 25% higher salaries than the national average. Non-architect-related occupations on AWS are paid less than architect occupations, according to a PayScale analysis. 

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In the AWS area, the highest-paying jobs are AWS Enterprise Cloud Architect and AWS Senior Cloud Architect. 

Businesses are migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in increasing numbers: Today, not only small businesses are migrating to the cloud, but also large corporations. McKinsey’s Silicon Valley division conducted a survey in 2015 that found 77 percent of organizations used traditional infrastructure, but that percentage is predicted to decline to 43 percent by 2019 as large enterprises shift to cloud infrastructure. 

Organizations that are moving their services and apps to the cloud face a variety of obstacles and hurdles. On cloud platforms like AWS, many functions are automatically performed for you. 

Application Programming Interface (API):

AWS APIs are available in a variety of programming languages and allow you to programmatically control your infrastructure. It is feasible to launch a new instance, take backups, and provide support using APIs, taking advantage of all of AWS’ time and cost-saving features.

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How to Learn AWS:

After you understand a few reasons why an AWS career can be beneficial, the next step is to determine how you can acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and certifications. 

Choosing From a Wide Variety of AWS Learning Resources

AWS certification was launched in 2013 and a wide range of resources are available, including books, manuals, courses, AWS practice exams, and AWS communities. 

For those who are interested in starting or advancing their careers with AWS, there are a number of resources available. Due to the abundance of courses, choosing the right learning resource is crucial.

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